5 Ways to Convert Docx File to PDF Format

The Microsoft Word used ‘doc’ at the initial times and later it is now named a ‘Docx’ which is a new version. The conversion of the latest one, Docx, to PDF has made the online sharing of work easy. It is a great way of saving your words in the PDF, although it is not easy for anyone to handle the conversion.

But once the conversion has made, you can share the files with anyone online. Even you don’t any specific software or processor to run the file. The quality of the content also remains the same. The documents get easily attached to the emails due to their small sizes of files. They also get printed easily.

PDF also have the number of security options and the preserve the content in a variety of different types. To convert Docx to PDF you need to have the best PDF converter. You may also use an online converter, which converts Docx to PDF in a variety of formats.

Source: boostsolutions.com

You may also get some help from the underneath discussed methods for the conversion process.

Docx to PDF by the OCF:

By the help of this web application, you can convert the docs to PDF by a simple process. You can also make, edit and share the files online. It’s a free web app that works fastest in converting the Docx to PDF. Other than providing you the facility of the conversion of docx to PDF, it also converts any of the types in the PDF. Or may convert the PDF is different formats. The online converter does not demand of anything else. You just need to upload the file and select the format of conversion.

Zamzar, Docx to PDF converter:

The service of Zamzar is not confined to the conversion of Docx to PDF, but also to the other different file formats. You can easily use the site, as it is free and it also provides the labeled web page for making the conversion easy for you. You may find it irritating when it makes you wait for a bit long for the conversion to end. Although it is very convenient to use, it requires some extra steps in the end. Like, you need to wait till the converted file is emailed to you after conversion.

Small PDF:

If you need small files to be converted into the PDF file, then small PDF is the best converter for you. Even a new user find it easy to use as it has a simple procedure to move through. Before downloading the file it first converts it into the cloud. It will not make you wait for a long time. It also gives full protection to your data, because it deletes the original file from the server. The whole process takes only a few seconds.

Online 2 PDF:

This web converter converts the Docx into the PDF, especially the large files. It takes the conversion process to beat even 50 megabytes. You may find it difficult to use when using it for the first time as the web page is chromed up. It also supports the conversion of files up to 20 in number but the conversion process might become slow


This web app has the ability to convert any kind of format, whether, Docx, PowerPoint, and Excel to PDF.  It is used mainly because this app does not require any installation. You just have to upload the file and can choose the converting method.

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