5 Tips To Improve Communication At The Workplace

 “Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.” – Brian Tracy.”

The importance of team communication cannot be overstated when it comes to successfully completing a project. A close-knit team always lays the foundation for a prosperous business. So, if business owners want to grow their business, they need to examine their current workplace functioning and the means of communication that they have adopted.

The moment lines of communication are opened within a workplace, carrying out tasks become easier and a lot smoother.

Here are some super ways to make team communication effective.

Face-to-face communication

No matter how advanced our communication mode turns, old fashioned face-to-face conversation is still popular and arguably the most effective. As humans, we cannot solely depend on the digital mode to communicate with each other. Face-to-face communication is the perfect choice for sharing information with a strong emotional core. The reason behind it is the facial expression and body language, which constitutes a major part of a conversation.

This method is also very valuable when a significant amount of feedback is required. Brainstorming can also be done best face to face. This process also helps create a bond among co-workers and clients.

Online collaboration platforms

In the past few years, online collaboration platforms like business chat apps and project management software have provided a faster way for teams to communicate, share files, discuss projects, and make decisions. Team chat apps are convenient to use, make communication easy, and increase team productivity.

They are often perceived as email killers of the future.Business chat apps help reduce time spent in meetings by helping people discuss ideas and get clarifications within minutes. Users can also conduct virtual meetings with video conferencing, as well as have audio calls via team collaboration platforms.

online collaboration platforms

Constant communication

Instead of making reviews an annual affair, it is advisable to schedule such talks every month so that employees and business owners can stay updated on each other’s status and growth. Employers need to know what employees feel, which can’t be done with just annual reviews. Scheduling one hour every month to discuss and chat with employees is a long-term healthy habit every company should adopt.

It should be two-way

‘The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.’ – Peter Drucker

Communication should never be one way. Irrespective of what is being conveyed, employees should always be encouraged to offer feedback and get involved in a discussion. Employers can also ask their workforce to share tips, suggestions, and feedback to improve their business.

Email is still the way

Other communication methods may outnumber emails, but that doesn’t make emailing outdated. Email is considered an ideal means for employees who struggle with communication. Messages can be refined and revised before the right thing is conveyed. Emails also provide proof of what has been said. Responses received can be referred to later. This trail can sometimes be a great tool to resolve office disputes.

However, often employees’ inboxes remain cluttered, and an employee can spend hours responding to professional emails. They are efficient when the message isn’t time-sensitive.

Moreover, emails have the potential to be misinterpreted. In many cases, they are a cause of confusion at the workplace. Emails should be carefully replied to with the right choice of words.

Remember that you carefully need to choose the right medium for your workplace. The purpose should be to increase productivity, not hamper it.


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