5 Tips How To Keep Your Magento Website Secure

E-commerce enterprise success is provided not only by high-performance store. Your store should be completely safe. Your customers should know that their personal information including financial data is strictly secured. It’s actually important especially in the light of the fact that traders always have to put up with spam, fishing and user’s data theft.

Despite Magento can offer unbeaten safety functionality, as they say:”But God helps those who help themselves, as they say”. So you will have to take some steps to straighten your store security because it’s is your personal responsibility.

See what we have proposed to provide your online business safety:

#1 Test your website for security with an expert’s assistance

First of all, you should be completely sure that your Magento-based store has passed through testing for security. The best option for you if a testing will be carried out by an expert. The fact is an expert knows for sure all the loopholes which you are not aware of being a user. Moreover, you will get a full and detailed report on a security with the valuable recommendations what to do in case of some possible vulnerabilities.

Despite Magento constantly provides its users with updated security patches and Magento 1 and Magento 2 extensions are equipped with all needed security features, your website safety is exceptionally your own concern.

#2 Keep your website updated to the latest Magento version

Do you know for sure what Magento version is used for your website? There is a simple way to check this important information. Log into your Magento Admin Backend and reach page bottom in the Magento Admin Footer. In the middle of the page bottom, you can see the number of versions you use.

If you can’t see it here, in the footer, go to the Magento Connect Manager, find the “Mage_All_Latest” and you will see the version number in the “Package Name” column. Why do you need these steps to make? You have to update it to the latest version to keep you Magento-based website secured.

The deal is Magento security itself, safety of its plugins and Magento Templates are the primary care for Magento Family. So, each new version contains security improvements. The latest Magento versions are assigned to eliminate any security issues detected in the previous one.

#3 Develop an effective data backup plan

It is known that about 60% of enterprises which went through data loss stop their activity or even closed upon 5-6 months after it had happened. Approximately 70% of online store owners state they suffer from data losses at least one time per year. And finally, 30% companies still don’t have any backup plan.

So, even if you already have a sufficient Magento security plan, it’s needed to know whether you have a correct backup plan. Set up a daily and an off-site backup plan. And if it a hacker has attacked your website, you will be able to renew all your data with non-critical losses.

4 Custom your admin path

There is one more good way to make your website protected from cyber-attacks. What about configuring the admin path for the admin panel? If your page to your admin panel is easily tracked, your website is strongly vulnerable to hacker attacks. As a rule, most hackers use scripts that are specially assigned for admin path tracking.

It’s not hard to understand that hiding your admin path is a reasonable way to secure your website. And it will not guarantee a full protection in return for severe attacks, but it will work in the best way in case of attacks based on the scripts.

#5 Use two-factor authentication

Finally, pay your attention to your password. Even if you think it’s strong and sufficient, two-factor authentication is vitally necessary. Two-factor authentication that is compatible with Google requires a one-time access code along with your password. This code changes every minute and it’s almost impossible to hack your login.


By the way, when it comes to a safety, you should clearly realize that it’s a seamless project which constantly requires your efforts and concern. There are much more steps to secure your store and you have to do your best to know all of them. Here we highlight a piece of them for your awareness of what you can do just immediately to sleep more easily.

Ajay Sharma is a start-up Investor and co-founder of the Digital Marketing agency SWT, He is a highly influential research analyst and strategic marketing consultant.