5 Simple Ways to Increase You’re Following on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best free ways to promote your business or idea all over the world. Yes, Facebook has an advertisement tool too, which we can use to promote our content in bulk. But most of us prefer to use a Facebook page as free of cost.

Following on Facebook

Sometimes our content is good, and we are not able to make a better audience and follow up on our page. So here we are going to discuss the top 5 methods or ways to grow your Facebook page following.

Add Call to Action button

According to Indiashoppers this is the first-ever method you should follow to increase your following. Add a call to action button in front of your page so that visitor can reach to you quickly. Call to action button will help your visitor to interact with you. This will make a positive impact on your visitors out there.

But keep one thing in the mind that call to action button should be easy to understand and easy to use. Some of the pages use a complex button and due to that user not able to get the actual thing. And this thing makes a negative impact on the user’s mind. You can Message Us or Call Us button on the homepage.

Following on Facebook


As we all know that Content is the King. Yes, we know your content is good. But sometimes it doesn’t. Trust us; sometimes, you need some fresh content that no one has. Try to research more and more as much you can, because the content is one of the essential things which can generate more leads and visitors to your page.

If you think that your content is excellent, so try to showcase that differently so that the user will love that. What you have to do is think creatively and put that idea on the canvas.


Try to improve the visuality of your content. Excellent graphics can generate more follows on your page. Hire a good graphics designer, or you can do by yourself if you are the best in this. As good as graphics you have more people will trust in your content and follow you up. So go and find an excellent graphic designer who can make your amazing content more amazing.

Don’t just put images and screenshots of others page. Try to make your designs by own so that users think that these are your content — no matter you have copied it from anywhere.

Try to post videos too, because they are also easy to understand anything easily. If you get to manage animation video, then there are no words for your content. These days’ whiteboard animations and 2d animation videos are in trend, so try to get one of these.

Invite your friends

An invitation is good for you and your friend too no matter is it a party or facebook page, you should invite them. So go and invite your whole friend list so at least your people get to know about your work and content. This method will help you to get an initial boost.

So don’t delay go to your friend list and invite your whole friend list and trust us you will get at least 500+ likes in an hour. If you have around 500+ likes on your page initially so, new visitors will trust your content, and they will follow up your page instantly.

Block Fake Followers

Not everyone is our good friends, the same in our page, not every follower is legit. There are some fake followers out there which can affect our reach and likes of posts. What you have to do is check your follower’s list every weekend or every day if you can and block the profile which you find spam or fake.

You think why I should block my followers no matter is it fake or not. But let me tell you one thing that if your page has legit followers and reach then your page will be at the top of the list when the user searches query related to your page. If the Facebook algorithm finds out that your page has 1,000 likes and you are getting only 10-12 likes per post, then Facebook will not let you grow organically. Moreover if you are looking for NTPC recruitment then it could be the best chance to try it

So these were some simple ways which can help you get more followers to your Facebook page. I hope these will help you a lot to get more followers and help you to make your content viral. I know that you knew some of them, but these are the mandatory ones you should follow them. If you think these are not enough for you, then let us know more requirements in the comment section below.

Pankaj Singh is a Senior Digital Marketing Consultant with more than 2 years of experience in SEO, SMM, SMO, blogging, etc having wide knowledge base into content marketing. Well-qualified member of Indiashoppers.in which is a leading market place for shoppers in India.