5 Incredibly Useful Benefits of Shopify For Startup Online Stores

As technology gradually taking over everything we do, from influencing our reading to shopping habits where people prefer to shop online as opposed to visiting a physical store – it has become easy for new businesses to attract their audience by taking advantage of e-commerce platforms.

Shopify is easy to use e-commerce platform, offering business owners a chance to provide an exceptional online shopping experience to their valued customers. With just as easy as few clicks of the mouse (or few taps on the screen), Shopify connects new businesses to their customers and allows them to sell and manage products online.

When it comes to selling online, reliability is an important aspect.  A delay of just few Nano seconds means loss of customers and revenue.

Shopify is 24/7 monitored by a team of experienced engineers to ensure high availability with minimum down town. Shopify is currently hosting 500,000 businesses worldwide.


Wondering how Shopify can help your business set-up a store online, here are five reasons to choose Shopify:

1.   Shopify: Very easy to use

Shopify does the most when it comes to a very user-friendly experience. An ideal fit for new businesses, Shopify is a fully hosted platform that allows businesses to quickly and very easily set-up an online store; without the need of pouring thousands of dollars into coding and development. Creating and maintaining an e-commerce website with shopify is very easy, its interactive dashboard helps you setting up a basic e-commerce website instantly.

Since shopify is one of most popular e-commerce solution, you can find many shopify experts that can further enhance your shopify website. It’s worth trying these shopify experts to give a healthy look to your e-commerce website that helps in attracting more customers.

2.   Affordable

Looking to set-up an online store without breaking the bank? Unlike anything else in the market, Shopify is a very affordable platform allowing business to conduct operations online while keeping expenditures to the bare minimum. Sign-up with Shopify for a fairly small, monthly charge, and consider it as an investment that can truly help stir your business in the right direction.

3.   Plenty of opportunities to customize

An attractive website is mandatory for good e-commerce business. Shopify has a rich collection of themes and design that are fully customizable. You can choose the one that suits your business needs.  Shopify understands that every business enjoys its unique identity, and thus, over thousands of customizable themes and designs to choose from at little to no additional cost. Should your business’s needs be a little more than standard; a Shopify design expert can help you customize your online store on Shopify; to best fit your business’s needs.

4.   Take advantage of effective marketing techniques offered on Shopify

Shopify offers business owners and managers a change to be on top of their marketing strategies. Allowing business to customize their online store to be more search engine friendly, Shopify helps start-ups capture more leads and help increase their chances of securing sales.

5.   Secure platform & Add Applications

A new business often encounters a breach of their security and is more likely to be subjected to hacking. Shopify offers high levels of security in all avenues of your online business. From secure online transactions to protecting information most valuable to businesses, Shopify offers a secure platform to businesses.

Useful Add Applications:

You can add applications like product review and online chat for better user experience. Shopify also lets you add blog to your website, which is handy tool to increase traffic to your site. You can also integrate 70 global payment gateways including MasterCard, Checkout and PayPal. Shopify also support multiple languages and you can specify tax rates as well.