5 Hidden Tricks to Try on Upcoming Galaxy S11 Android SmartPhone

Unless you live under a rock, chances are that you might be a part of Android versus iPhone debate that rumbles on since forever. Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of writing this article. We are not here to discuss the goods and bads of either platform. We are here to celebrate your new Android Galaxy S11 phone and a makeover right after you spend handsome bucks on Google OS smartphone.

New Android phone? You’re in for a treat. Android has a great deal to offer with regards to highlights and settings. Pause. your digital life will be transformed by a plethora of customizable features and flexibility options that Android launches in every tweak of its OS.

Here in this article, we’ll unveil five of the best tips and tricks that will elevate the performance of your new phone to the next level. If you want to know how can you take advantage of your new phone’s battery life to the bits, how can you certainly take precautions against a lost or stolen phone before time or how can you keep your home screen clutter free in order to maximize the productivity; then read on to know in detail.

Boost your Android Phone’s Battery Life

In this faster digital era, living with a smartphone with poor and annoying battery life can be enraging. This should be kept in mind even before purchasing the device, yet there are a few steps you can take to amplify each charge right from the initial usage:

Turn off auto screen brightness and set the slider to below 50 %. The brighter your screen, the more battery power it consumes. You can easily pull down the above shortcut menu from your device and adjust the slider as recommended.

There are some phones that have a switch for auto splendor in the alternate way board; else, you’ll have to open the settings application and quest for “brilliance” to discover the setting and turn it off.

Manage Your New Device with One-Handed Mode


As the present smartphones keep on growing in size, they become increasingly hard to work single-handedly. So, Google’s custom keyboard, which is the default choice on certain Android devices, has an answer: An exceptional one-handed mode that you can switch to with a simple and easy way. This keyboard will be your default typing option in case you possess a Pixel or Nexus phone. In case you’re on a Samsung or LG smartphone, you’ll need to initially download Google’s version and set it as your default typing keyboard.

Open up the keyboard > tap & hold on the comma key. Drag up to one side right-hand icon to enable one-hand mode. The arrow lets you change this small keyboard from side to side, the bottom symbol lets you reposition it, and the top symbol reestablishes the full-size keyboard. The single-handed keyboard may also be available on other platforms, however the one in Google is easy to access and use. Get to know your phone’s model while unpacking and head over to find “one-hand keyboard” to handle multiple things simultaneously.

Declutter Your Phone’s Home Screen Digitally


Planning to hit up the Google Play Store for a lot of new Android transfer applications? But, be aware as you are going to face lots of messy icons on your home screen. Every time you install an app from Google Play Store, the shortcuts are created and are placed on your home screen.

Fortunately, it is easy to get out of this. Hop over to the empty area of your home screen and long press the screen, then > tap Home settings option. Out of multiple options, find the option marked along the lines of “Add icon to Home Screen” and turn it off.

Presto! There will be no more icons from now onwards when you download any new applications. In any case, you can still include shortcuts of most used icon by hauling an application’s icon out of the application drawer, however they won’t mess up your home screen except if you need them to.

Revisit Accidently Missed Notifications

Revisit Accidently Missed Notifications

Cleared any notification accidently? It occurs—you have your new phone and here you unintentionally swiped away your vital notifications that you needed to read completely and now you have a pestering sense that somebody messaged you, however you don’t know. So, here is a solution for you in your new Android phone, however the option is a bit tricky to discover. 

Tap and hold your home screen, here a screen-adjusting mode will spring up. Select > Widgets, and pick up the Settings option. Drag this icon to a vacant space on one of your home screens and drop it to set up there, and a list will consequently pop up. Pick > Notification log from the rundown and tap the icon to open up Android’s Notifications history.

Easy Hack to Track Lost / Stolen Device

Losing your phone is not a funny experience and this is even more terrible in case of your new phone. Therefore, look into your Android device carefully and turn on Google’s Find My Device feature.

Here is all you have to do with your new smartphone: Open the Settings app and afterward discover > Find My Device. It usually resides within the security section of your Settings application.

Once activated, you can head on to android.com/find from any PC or cell phone and sign in to your google account.

Bonus Tip: Use Data Transfer Apps

While transferring all your important stuff from old Android devices to the new one, you won’t significantly want to get lost anywhere with your data. Be it your contact list, WhatsApp chats backup, calendars, applications, audios, videos, settings and much more; a content transfer app is a must. A dozen apps are available on Play Store for example; Shareit, Zapya, SmartIO etc. One of the simplest, convenient and hassle-free ways to transfer data from one phone to the other is by using file transfer and data transfer applications. The apps are free to use and provides all your data in the new android device with utmost security and ease. 

In a Nutshell

Let’s cut to the chase! After all of the above, there are lots of hidden tips & tricks that elevate the utility of your new Android phone. This is just the beginning and soon you’ll be a pro at using your new smartphone powered by Google OS. Furthermore, all Android devices’ functionalities are a bit different from one another. So, don’t just take our words and poke around settings app & get to know your phone even better.

Have a great time embarking on the journey of your new Android phone!!

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