12 Ideas To Add To Your Marketing Strategy In 2020

Having a good marketing strategy is essential for being a good marketer just as it is important to be up to date with all the latest marketing trends. Consequently, here are the twelve ideas to add to your marketing strategy in 2020.

#1 Personalized Messages

Personalization has become so common that it is already a standard rather than an exclusive feature. But there are still ways to use personalization in an original way and one of them is by creating personalized messages on your website. For example, if your site visitor has been browsing through your skincare products section and then decides to leave the site, a good idea would be to show them a pop-up message with a discount specifically for skincare products (or maybe even the skincare products they viewed).

#2 Podcasts

Though video content is incredibly popular at the moment, podcasts are gaining more and more attention. This is because podcasts usually come in an audio format which means your audience will need to spend even less attention on podcasts than they do on videos. They can simply turn on the podcast and listen to it as they go around their business. With videos, your audience usually has to watch and listen at the same time. This is why creating podcasts can really boost your digital marketing strategy.

#3 Webinars

While podcasts can be used to discuss the latest news and updates, webinars can help you educate your audience and provide them with basically free lectures. And who doesn’t like free content? In addition to that, you will also establish yourself as an expert in your niche which is crucial for anyone who wants to be taken seriously both by their audience and by their competitors. Besides, webinars can even be hosted on social media through live streams without any additional platforms involved.

#4 Live Streams

Speaking of live streams, they are incredibly useful for increasing brand awareness and improving audience engagement. Hosting live streams regularly will give you an additional channel for interacting with your audience. For example, you can have a live stream every Friday evening where you announce the winners of your latest giveaway or content, make new release announcements, and answer the questions your audience writes in the live chat.

#5 Chatbots

Chatbots are a part of the automation trend that is now more of a standard much like personalization is. Chatbots allow marketers to decrease the customer service expenses, provide all customers with full support, and decrease the volume of work customer service employees have to deal with. Besides, chatbots are fairly easy to manage and don’t cost a lot to integrate into your strategy. Once a site visitor has more questions that the chatbot can’t answer, they can be directed to a customer support representative to keep the conversation going.

#6 Educational Content

Though webinars are virtually perfect for educational purposes, there are other formats you can use for educational content. Even simple articles and blog posts can do. For instance, you can hire a writer from a writing services review site like Best Writers Online who will have enough experience in your particular industry to create the kind of educational content you are looking for. Remember that it’s not just about entertaining your audience but also about educating them in some way.

#7 Messenger Marketing

Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other similar messaging apps have taken their rightful place in our lives with some experts even claiming that we spend more time using them than we do using social media. Consequently, some companies are starting to integrate messenger marketing into their campaigns. To put it simply, you set up a bot that will send occasional updates to your customers notifying them about your sales, new releases, discounts, etc.

#8 Influencer Marketing

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t forget about social media marketing. Influencer marketing, for example, can give you a fresh start in this. Basically, you find people on social media who have a large follower base and pay them to promote your products. It is important to make sure that they create content that is relevant to your niche (e.g. you sell skincare products while the influencer is a makeup artist) because that is the only way this tactic will work.

#9 AR & VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality might be huge in gaming, but many other industries completely unrelated to gaming are now adopting this technology. Companies selling products primarily online can benefit from AR that lets customers explore the product in real-time as if it were right there by their side instead of having to go to a shop and try it out there. You can also improve your ads with the help of AR and VR by making them more interactive for your audience.

#10 Guest Blogging

Though guest blogging might seem updated, it still works and you should definitely try it. Guest blogging helps you find new customers by getting more exposure as well as building your backlink profile which will positively impact your search rankings. In other words, it is one of the best practices that a modern marketer can use to increase the impact and effectiveness of their digital marketing campaign.

#11 Automated Email Marketing

Email marketing has also been influenced by the automation trend. Automated emails allow you to deliver newsletters to your mail list subscribers on time while also sending them all the necessary notifications, updates, sales and discount information, and transactional emails that confirm their actions in your online store. If you no longer have to market a small business that has now grown into a medium-sized one, then switching to automated email marketing is a must.

#12 Original Research

Last but not least, to improve a brand’s reputation even more, you need to think about new ways to become an expert in your industry. One of these methods includes doing original research to support the claims you make in your content. This can be anything from customer surveys to market analysis. Then, once you have this data, you can publish it online within your content.

Final Thoughts

All in all, using these practices in your marketing strategy is crucial if you want to become a better marketer and achieve all your goals (e.g. generate more traffic, improve brand awareness, establish a better relationship with your customers, and so on).

Mary Byrd is a self-driven specialist who currently works in the companies Best Writers Online and Online Writers Rating writing services review and enhances her blogging skills. She is not looking for easy ways, she is always developing and looking for new ideas. Professional development is an important part of her life. Marie always improves her skills and her main goal is to inspire people.