10 Best Premium WordPress Plugins

With WordPress themes, you can build a site for any purpose; praises to its ease of use, flexibility & highly functional options & choices to fiddle with the endless possibilities. Moreover, WordPress is an open source platform, so the novice developers are as welcome as a highly recommended one to make WordPress products for their objective in mind. And if you are not a developer, you can still be a part of the ever-growing community by designing a website either for you or for a business perspective.

And you can even enhance the functionality of your website by including a plugin; you will find thousands of choices for them online! Few of the plugins are free & some of them are paid, but opting out either of the two, depends on the requirement of the site. So here we have compiled a list of Exclusive Premium Plugins For WordPress which is highly recommended:

1. Content Locker Pro

Content Locker Pro is probably one of the best plugins to encourage users to get registered or share your content! If you have viral content, people will want to read it & you can benefit from this plugin that is fit with most of the themes. Additionally, you can take your pick of its multiple design & presentation options.


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2. WP Quiz Pro

With this plugin, you get to bring traffic to your site with interesting & engaging user techniques. It has multiple choices for you to include a quiz on your site to generate the response from the visitors while increasing the number of shares.


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3. WordPress WooCommerce Marketplace Seller Coupons Plugin

A fantastic choice to generate coupons to make customers satisfied with their shopping experience. This plugin acts as a useful tool to attract the buyer while setting its options of how many times it can redeem, or it can be used in the management panel. Although you must have the Marketplace plugin to make it work!


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4. Bloom

This plugin helps you building your visitors list with email opt-in option. Email marketing is a smart move to include in your strategies to create loyal followers & you can choose your pick from its vast variety of design to include in your site.


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5. WP Tab Widget Pro

Include this plugin & display multiple tabs of your site in one go to the visitors keeping them glued to your site. You don’t need technical knowledge as it is securely coded while it reduces your bounce rate & provides a better user engaging interface.


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6. Battle Vote

To make your content viral, you can use this plugin which uses the battle vote style to attract the visitors. You can add the latest ongoing trends while including this plugin as a shortcode & increase your social traffic.


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7. SUMO Affiliates

This plugin is developed to smoothen the Affiliate Marketing including Multi-level Marketing. The users can take advantage of its features while becoming affiliates & when a user buys something the commission will be credited to the member.


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Hustle is the complete package which you will need to increase your traffic with its slide-ins, social buttons & links; it also features editable layouts which you can customize as per your site’s requirements.


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9. WP Review Pro

Creating review will help search engine to identify your site better, so here use this plugin to includes reviews system on your site. You will have multiple choices among the type of rating system you can add on your site without any technical knowledge but just a click button.


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10. WP In Post Ads

With an AB split Test feature, you can be sure of the ad that is more beneficial for you! You can decide the duration of the test & then can simply show the most likable ad in your site while managing for each page, post & user.


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