10 Advantages of Having a Point Of Sale Systems for Small Business

A point of sale systems for small business can help to improve customer service at the point of sale, decreasing their waiting time, making them loyal with tools such as points for purchases, direct credits, SMS promotions, various forms of payment, etc.

A POS system or point of sale system is a set of hardware and software tools, which allow businesses to invoice their sales. Also, facilitating control of their cash flow, inventories, suppliers, purchases, accounts receivable and payable, expenses and fixed costs, profits, and losses, among other functions.

Advantages of a point of sale systems for small business

Reduce capture errors

Technology allows us to overcome our own limitations. This applies to point-of-sale software. Since it is possible to minimize those errors that may arise when capturing a sale to the public.

You save your customers time

In sales, a second can make a difference!  By having face to face with our client it is crucial to be able to register the transaction in the shortest possible time, in order to maximize the shopping experience.

A POS software not only allows you to reduce the capture time but also makes tax calculations or discounts for you. No need to take out the calculator to perform complex operations that end up delaying the closing of your sale.  Without a doubt, a great way to keep your customers.

Improve your inventory control

That’s right that the advantages of having a POS are not limited to sales but impact other areas such as inventories.  A point of sale allows seeing in real time the number of available products. And some allows generating production orders in case of having the necessary raw material.

Simplify your accounting

Also, the financial and accounting management of your company will be benefited, at the time of making a sale. It is automatically captured in your accounting system without the need to manually enter each of the generated receipts. Goodbye to the mountains of papers!

You generate sales reports in real time

It is one of the most important benefits! Thanks to this tool you can get real-time reports of the flow of money from your business. In addition, you have the ability to generate historical reports as valuable as are the number of sales per vendor, cash or branch, in the period of time you determine.

With all this information at your fingertips, you can make better strategic decisions that benefit the growth of your business.

You sell from anywhere

It’s true that not all point of sale systems for small business brings advantages. But if you have one with access from any device with Internet, you turn your phone, tablet or computer into a point of sale terminal!

Thanks to the power of the cloud. You can register transactions anytime, anywhere.  No potential customer can escape you with the excuse of being away from any of your branches. You take your business with you everywhere! Impressed?

Price adjustments

It is easier to adjust your prices using a point-of-sale system. With the system, you do not need to ask employees to exchange them with an old price gun. Write the price adjustment information for the discounted item. And it will be updated throughout the system. This results in the use of employees in a more efficient manner.


With a point of sale system, you can enter promotion codes to give discounts to the customer. This provides you with important feedback, such as how the promotion helped improve sales. The use of various discounts and coupons can be tracked using a point-of-sale system. Your system can also store this information and the number of coupons that were presented in a specific week. Or the total dollar amount of the discounts offered during a month.


You can have a point of sale systems for small business. Each company has different needs. For example, a restaurant’s sales tracking needs are different from those of a retail vitamin retail chain. Restaurants may need a system capable of tracking the snacks or saucers sold. While the retail vitamin store may need to track sales by brand name or bottle size. Some point of sale systems can be expanded in terms of growth together with your company.


If you have more than one branch, a point-of-sale system will coordinate the operations between them. In other words, you’ll have more consistency in problems like the prices from one branch to another. In addition, your point-of-sale system will ensure consistency in terms of maintaining accurate inventory control at each branch.

Do you already have a point of sale?

In summary, having a top POS system allows your business to focus on generating profits, saves you and your customers time, and improves your relationship with the latter. Having this tool can make the difference between winning or losing large sums of money.

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