Why use React to Build Efficient Travel Booking Websites

Modern travel websites and applications these days cover a wide range of services providing clear and detailed information on booking right from destinations, accommodation, and transportation, to activities, and payment systems. To create a successful travel booking website, an entrepreneur needs to focus on user-friendliness, real-time information, excellent customer service, and innovation. 

On the other hand, to satiate every intrinsic aspect of a travel web app you would require an equally dynamic tech stack like React. The javascript library – React is garnering interest from entrepreneurs and developers across the world. The need to provide a comprehensive set of services that cover the entire travel experience makes developing a travel app a unique endeavour. 

Let’s get to know a little more about React before knowing the benefits 

An overview of React

React, also known as ReactJS, is a renowned JavaScript library, maintained by Meta. With its significantly growing popularity, it is highly regarded as one of the best development tools for web development. Initially released by Facebook in 2011 and made available as an open-source system in 2013, React is used in social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

It is the second most used web development framework among programmers with a whopping 42.62% of them relying on it. Adding to the matrix, more than 2,000,000 websites have been developed using React library.

Furthermore, React’s component-centric strategy has become a popular choice for building compact as well as large-scale websites. The release of React Native in 2015 allows developers to build native Android and iOS apps using React frameworks, making it a valuable tool for creating user-friendly travel booking websites.

Reasons to use React for travel booking websites

The popularity of React has grown exponentially since its initial release. Its vast network and ecosystem make it an ideal choice for travel booking websites. With technologies like Gatsby, React can efficiently build static websites. React’s scalability, stability and feature-rich components make it a favored enterprise application architecture for many prominent brands in the travel industry. Let’s go through some of the popular reasons that make React an excellent choice for travel booking websites.

Great Performance

Over the years, React web developers have discovered that JavaScript is efficient, but updating the Document Object Model (DOM) is not. React aids in minimizing DOM changes and updating them in the quickest and most cost-effective manner. Other frameworks and libraries update the DOM which results in significant page changes.

React uses the Virtual DOM to monitor the values of each component’s state. When there is a change in state, React compares the new DOM state with the existing one and updates only the necessary parts, avoiding layout trashing.  This process is automatic and occurs in memory.

Overall, the process results in fast and efficient processing. This is particularly useful for travel booking websites that need to be optimized for mobile devices. You should hire React developers experienced in customized development solutions and deliver a result-oriented approach that can aid in upscaling your travel website.


React’s user-friendly design makes testing easy, quick and fast. It requires little to no configuration and can be done feasibly using the node command line, unlike traditional UI browser testing. This aids in faster testing and the ability to run diverse test suites simultaneously. 

While traditional UI browser testing can be time-consuming and difficult to maintain, React tests can be written quickly with the help of tools such as Jest & Enzyme. With React, there are a bunch of JavaScript testing frameworks available which can be used for testing React.js since it is also a JavaScript library. Some popular options such as Jasmine, Tape, Mocha, QUnit and AVA. Testing can be hassle-free and efficient by using reactJS for travel booking websites. 

Rich user interfaces

It is essential to create a seamless user experience for any online webpage and especially for travel booking websites where the user relies on what he/she sees on the webpage. The effectiveness of the website hinges heavily on the UI, and a bad interface could cause irreversible damage.

On the contrary, a top-notch UI for mobile applications can captivate users and entice them to return to the webpage more frequently. Therefore, using React for travel booking websites can help programmers build a unique UI that magnifies the booking experience for customers and drives more sales.

Reusable components

React is the best choice for travel booking websites due to its reusable components that allow developers to increase their productivity with faster development times. ReactJS reusable components make it ideal for developing a fast and efficient travel booking website. A pre-defined element can be used at various stages in development. This saves a lot of programmers’ time and effort in building web pages, especially on a larger scale.

Along with that, there are various react component libraries available that aid in developing a reliable user interface for your travel booking website. Utilizing these reusable components saves money and time and brings a sense of feasibility and tranquillity to the entire development process.

SEO-friendly websites

Nowadays, having a solid online presence with the help of an effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategy is vital for travel booking websites. One of the prime factors in gaining a higher ranking on Google’s search engine results page is the speed at which a web page loads and renders to its users.

With the power of React, travel businesses can enhance their SEO strategy and create meaningful connections with their potential customers. React comes along with quick rendering capabilities that are known to outperform other frameworks. This results in interactive website performance and faster loading times. Ultimately, this aids in higher visibility and increased traffic for travel booking websites.

Extensive toolset

React is an ideal choice for travel booking websites because of its renowned toolset and numerous tech stacks. By leveraging  ReactJS, travel business owners can enhance their web development process and provide customers with an exceptional booking experience.

The Redux and React developer tools are easily accessible and can be installed feasibly as chrome extensions. This allows programmers to put together a user-friendly analysis of React-based structure elements. The dispatch operations along with state changes can be viewed in real-time. This makes development and troubleshooting faster and more smooth. These tools altogether help in building a seamless and inclusive virtual experience for travel customers.

Backed by Facebook

React’s versatile and efficient components are what make it a promising choice for travel booking websites. Its consistent development is supported by its loyal team that continuously updates its blog with every release detail.

Facebook, being deeply committed to React consistently provides Codemod to automate updates. Thus, React’s potential to undergo breaking changes is not a concern anymore. Codemod is a useful command-line tool that automates codebase changes. This makes React updates seamless for developers. Thus, using React for travel booking websites ensures efficient and effective web development.

Huge community support

An active React Community with impressive 164k stars on GitHub makes it one of the top 5 repositories. React’s NPM package has millions of weekly downloads, and over 9K companies on Stackshare are already utilizing React, including Fortune 500 companies.

Reactiflux, a community dedicated to React Developers, has more than 110k members taking part in solving and sharing solutions to  React-related issues. There are plenty of other reliable resources available in the market including StackOverflow which has over 250k questions related to React and its efficient libraries.

Winding up

The use and popularity of React is skyrocketing day by day, especially for web-based applications. With many Fortune 500 companies using React, it is surely becoming a go-to tool for web developers and entrepreneurs. React is renowned for its performance, ease of testing, rich user interfaces, reusable components, SEO-friendly websites, extensive toolset and above all strong support from tech giants. Conclusively, React is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs and business owners looking for a reliable and innovative web development tool.

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