Why Should You Choose Sales Force Automation For Building Materials & Construction Company?

Construction companies have their own challenges and struggles, just like the industries of other sectors. However, their challenges are somewhat unique and restricted to themselves.

  • The inability to meet deadlines has major consequences
  • Interruption of work because of inclement weather
  • Management of hazard waster
  • Enforcing safety norms

Teamed with daily tasks to keep your construction business running, you can say that you have a lot of data to collect, organize, assess and share but very little time to do so. You have ways to simplify your job through SFA solutions for construction companies.

But first, you should find out what Salesforce Automation or SFA is.

According to Grand View Research, the worldwide Sales Force automation software market was valued at $7.29 billion in 2019, which will rise at a CAGR of 8.3 by 2027.

Sales Force Automation is software technology to automate your construction business operations such as account management, client management, administrative management, business process management, employee tracking, customer management, sales forecast, lead tracking, and so much more.

It mechanizes the business processes that handle sales quotations and performance assessment in customer management. An SFA connects all construction business operations organizationally and helps in consistent data flow.

It proves to be a significant part of an effective business. The smooth implementation helps it become an irreplaceable resource. The best part is that the SFA software is customizable per your business needs.

How Does It Affect The Construction And Building Companies?

Construction SFA software provides a 360-degree vision of the complete construction ecosystem tasks and varied approaches to stakeholders. Allows the construction teams to access the contact and data, regardless of where they are, in addition to the construction location. Some reasons why you should use Sales Force Automation for building materials and construction companies are given below:

SFA Is A Boon For The Construction Industry

Integrating a full-scale virtual revolution may be challenging for all. Some construction businesses to date follow traditional methods like spreadsheets to track customer data. But, most information is lost or tough to the site, making smart employees lose time re-doing work.

SFA works miraculously for the construction sector as it helps you eliminate such complexities. It helps them enhance efficiency and digitize all operations. All your client data can be successfully managed in one place.

Key Benefits Of SFA For Construction Companies

1. Effectively centralize your data

Data-driven judgments have become more critical than ever. You can never differentiate between ahead, back up, and down when the data is unorganized. Remember, information is the soul of all technical solutions, and no business operations can work accurately and timely without it. Hence, a comprehensive view of your entire construction business is critical. It will help you make your way ahead in a more clear and certain way.

The data obsessions procedure leads to a centralized consumer point of view and helps you make the most of your data investment. That’s what Sales force automation CRM does for building material and construction companies. Using this amazing platform, you get a central place to handle all the company’s relationship data. According to Hubspot, 40% of teams use CRM to automate scheduling.

2. Enhance efficiency from bidding to the end of the project

In construction companies, modern SFA systems add great value and vehemently boost productivity. Building material and construction companies need a system to streamline operations, reduce redundancy and foster efficient CRM software.

Salesforce automation solutions help to advance your sales team and take the Sales cloud to a new level. It lets companies actively pick and enrich their prospects, customers, and accounts. So, companies can boost sales by fostering all incoming prospects till they are fully educated about the services and prepared to buy.

When you have a business deal in progress, it is vital to keep the pipeline updated and perform a check on sales actions in Salesforce. This helps the rest of the team put less effort and time into researching. Thus, SFA for the construction sector offers a unique platform to organize bids, assignments, and other jobs. And they perform this by focusing on a cross-organization alliance, full exposure, and integration.

3. Better exposure and knowledge

Though it may seem tough, sales cycle exposure is easy to acquire through a few easy steps. Nurturing interaction and deep bonding across teams lead to better understanding and accountability, with effective internal processes and greater success. This is where AI-based automated Salesforce can help you.

It allows you to gain better visibility in several ways. Salesforce automation for construction companies offers details of sales proceeds. It provides a centralized evaluation of all operations because of its extraordinary abilities like activity recording, accounting insights, and opportunity understanding.

Without getting in touch with sales or waiting for reports, department members from different construction fields can acquire real-time information. It automates several sales duties, reducing the workload of people. So, with one platform, you can derive real-time project analysis, reports, and insights, and assess profitability.

4. More scalability for progress

Because of the scale resource flexibility and the limit to where customers can expand their Cloud use, Salesforce is an affordable remedy, especially for new construction startups and SMBs. Salesforce automation service providers charge you for the service you use. You can customize the sales force automation app as per your specific business’s needs as it grows.

This involves major integration that works in support of other software and systems. It doesn’t just track the progress of your building locations by gathering data in one location but also offers sales representatives complete relational mapping. All in All, Salesforce for building material and construction companies helps teams develop and maintain more successful business and clientele relations.

McKinsey says over 30% of sales-related transactions are automated with SFA.

Processes You Can Digitize Using Sales Force Automation

  • Automated cost allocation using ERPs
  • Service reports and invoice integration
  • Simple and complicated system integrations with industry-related solutions
  • Geo-location scheduling for effective technician travel
  • Regular procedure automation for precise scoping and billing
  • Repair and maintenance management
  • Tracking labour and service time and predicting efficiency
  • Automating technician task procedure
  • Service routing depends on skills

Construction teams multitask a lot. Hence, they may often encounter mistakes, redundancies, and issues impacting customer service quality. Concerning sales force automation for construction companies, it doesn’t facilitate the sales process but also allows businesses to grow their customers and employees better.


A sales force automation system is critical for construction businesses with sales and customer relationship management. You can eliminate thousands of wasted working hours and boost productivity. So, if you need your business to stand in the cut-throat competition, SFA is your answer!

Conventional CRM obstructs your ability to be flexible and grow according to the evolution in the industry’s landscape. Construction companies need the benefit of automated digital collaborations to allow on-site implementation. Team it with back-office information to deliver better customer interaction solutions. Salesforce automation for construction and building material companies has helped several construction companies digitize their work. Integrate suitable SFA software into your construction business to save hundreds of hours for your sales team. It helps manage past interactions, sort email and scheduling, monitor responses, and handle customer contacts.

Jonty Lims is the marketing manager at Pepupsales with strong experience in marketing and a willingness to read and write about new technologies and trends. Pepupsales is a Salesforce Automation Software Development Company that develops mobile apps with latest industry like FMCG, Pharma, Paint, Retail, Dairy, Automotive etc. They are providing solutions to both startups and businesses.