Why is the Python Programming Language Popular and Growing?

The community of Python developers is actively growing, leading to increased demand for this language. Its easy-to-learn syntax attracts developers because they encourage increased readability. Python Programming has surpassed Java as there are 48.07% of Python developers. There are only 33.27% of Java developers as of 2022. These statistics from Statista show how fast the Python community is growing.

Most used programming languages among developers worldwide

What is Python Programming?

Python programming language is an object-oriented, interpreted, and high-level programming language. It was released in 1991 and created by Guido van Rossum. You can use it for software development, web development, system scripting, and mathematics. The built-in data structures and dynamic semantics help it to become functional and scalable.

Let us now check out the important reasons to learn a Python programming language and implement it in your next web development and other projects.

Why Learn Python Programming?

1. Fastest Growing Language

Python programmers are in high demand since many major brands like Netflix, Facebook, and DropBox use them. Moreover, Google has a Python style guide too. A significant growth trajectory was witnessed when it was used with many other applications like ML, AI, Data Science, etc. An estimate shows that an average Python developer earns around $116,028 yearly. The use of Python development services by organizations through the outsourcing providers like BoTree Technologies has also driven its growth in the IT sector.

2. Easy to Learn and Use

Python was developed a decade back to erase the complexities and keep only necessary elements completely. After HTML, Python clinched the 2nd rank because of its readability and simple-to-learn syntax. You can find Python programming tutorials online that will help new coders. For example, the coders do not require 4-5 lines for coding the simple “Hello World” application, as it is only a line away. Instant feedback is the benefit of learning Python.

3. Used in Scripting and Automation

Other coding languages set aside Python in the market because it can do scripting and automation. After receiving popular Python programming certifications, developers can directly write the code in the script. You can execute and compile the script in real time. You can check the errors runtime. 

A dedicated Python developer can use automation-related capabilities for the devices and applications. There are codes and library frameworks available in abundance. Automation will help check the codes in real time without repetitive tasks.

4. Built-In Testing Frameworks

Python has built-in libraries, packages, modules, frameworks, etc., for data manipulation, web development, and data science projects. It also has several built-in testing frameworks to help to debug the code and speed up the Python project development processes. Pytest and Splinter are two powerful frameworks that support the testing process. Other robust frameworks used to test the accuracy of applications and frameworks are Zen of Python, Typing Your Way, Multi-Paradigm, etc.

5. Compatible with Most Non-native Platforms

Using human-like syntax helps Python support many non-native platforms and app development processes. It is a preferred language because newbies can also try this language. Python’s easy syntax helps it build a complete system with non-native apps and platforms without any complexities. However, you require essential Python skills to recognize the relationship between varied elements and structures.

6. Wide Range of Libraries and Packages

Python supports various libraries and packages that prompt developers to use this programming language. You can add different libraries and packages with the help of the growing Python community. Other languages still need Python regarding the availability of various libraries and frameworks. You can use libraries like PyTorch, NumPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, and SciPy to make the development process easier and more efficient. You can focus more on the development process rather than any low-level issues.

7. Python Developers are in High Demand

There were 8.2 million Python developers in 2020 against 7.6 million Java developers. No other language can provide more concise coding and faster readability. They are highest paid developers, mainly when using the programming language with ML, AI, and data science. The above data and statistics show increased demand for this language. You can hire Python developers from reputed companies to accomplish your tasks.

8. Great Community Support

You can learn Python programming online through the community support program, where you can find enough material to code or debug the app development process. The community actively supports fellow developers when learning this new programming language. When you have completed your degree or the course boot camp, you can always turn to the experts in the community to get answers to your questions. 

Python has 1.5 million GitHub repositories where you can turn to sort your queries. The support group of this language is the second highest. In these community forums, you can discuss everything from workflow to software development. In addition, most Python developers organize meet-ups globally through these community support groups.

9. Used in Trending Tech Domains

Companies that use Python can work in versatile tech domains like AI, data science, ML, and other emerging technologies. If you are looking forward to making a career in any of these domains, then learning Python will prove a silver lining. You can achieve specific project goals without worrying about low-level development issues. There are a lot of job options if you learn Python. You can work in various tech domains like web application, web testing, cybersecurity, internet development, quick system integration, etc.

Hire the Top-notch Python Development Company!

Learning the Python programming language will open new avenues for developers. You can learn it simply through the courses and tutorials in community support groups.

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