Way to Troubleshoot if the Firestick Won’t Connect to Wifi

Amazon is surprising us with its decent services and products. One of its amazing products/services is Firestick that is a portable medium of entertainment. Sometimes the firestick won’t connect to wifi, to resolve this issue, you can follow this guide.

Check Router

If the firestick is facing difficulties in receiving the Wifi signal, it may be because the router has not configured appropriately or because of the duplication of the SSID. There are the following three things by which the router is not working.

  • The network Security faults,
  • Doc protection Activation,
  • Firestick WiFi out of the range.

WiFi Password

If you don’t enter the password characters correctly or incorrectly, the firestick won’t be connected with the wifi spot.

Old software

The fire stick and WiFi connection router will not be connected if one of the two is not updated with the current software version.

amazon Firestick

Connect to WiFi without using the firestick remote

It’s a fact when we are trying to find any object, it won’t be visible on time. If the firestick is not connecting with the WiFi connection and also you don’t have the Firestick Remote to check the settings and connection. Follow the below instructions:

You can solve the Wifi connection through the Firestick app installed on your phone. This method requires two phones, one works as a hotspot and the other one will work as the firestick remote, make sure both devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi connection, and Correct SSID and password. If you want to remove an app on firestick so you can also search it with a query on how to delete app on firestick, so you can also delete some apps on firestick.

Restart the Modem/Router

Disconnect the plug and gadget or turn off the power connector/ router, wait for 30sec.

Switch on the power connection again and let the Wifi setup with Firestick.

Accessible WiFi Range

Make sure the Wifi point is accessible by Firestick if the Wifi is set up at the long-distance, you can’t enjoy the Firestick services.

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Connected but have No internet connection

Sometimes due to weather conditions, the signal got weak and the Wifi stops working. So check the connectivity of the mobile and PCs, turn on/off the router and modem back, disconnect the cable from the Router or Modem, disconnect the power connector from the switchboard and place it after waiting for a while.

Hope the problem will be resolved after performing the above-mentioned tricks.

Using the Remote Method

If the same problem persists and you are losing the connectivity then you can do uninstallation/installation of the Firestick Application.

If you have a Firestick remote, you can resolve the problem of connectivity.

  • By using the Select + Play button simultaneously for 5 sec. So the device gets restarted.
  • Locate the Settings > System > Restart.
  • Detached the power adapter from the switch Board, Wait for 5 Sec. and plugin again.

Contact the Support fire stick won’t connect to wifi

If all the mentioned methods are not working you may have to contact the Amazon Customer Service, Amazon staff is always ready to help their customers. There are some hardware errors that are encountered inside the system, Amazon Firestick knows the troubleshooting process for the matter if firestick wont connect to wifi.

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