Want Your Email List to Explode Overnight? Just Focus on These 5 Viral Quiz Formats


Are you considering changing some of your questionnaire tactics? Do you want to obtain lots of data which will not only help you grow your email list but also assist you in your professional progress? Then you should probably start creating online quizzes. All you need to do is understand your audience and the types of quizzes which might work best for you. Although there are various types of quiz formats available, choose one that help you create a quiz in a way which is easy for every respondent to relate. let’s discuss about different types of quiz formats.

Open Ended Quizzes

They are the most common quizzes used in questionnaires. using these quizzes you can learn more about your audience by engaging them in a conversation.

However, creating this type of quiz requires skills when asking the questions. You need to frame questions in a manner that are easy to understand for the quiz taker. You have to remember that the main goal of conducting the quiz is to attain information.

For you to properly utilize open-ended questions, you have to understand what they are and how to create them effectively. Open ended quizzes needs a full answer, whether it is subject specific or related to sentiments or emotions.

The questions, therefore, don’t lead the quiz takers. In fact, they have to come up with an answer that requires an explanation.

Multiple Choice Quiz

Multiple choice quizzes are generally used in schools. If you want to create a quiz through which you can know more about the personality of your audience, you can use it for that purpose too.

The quiz gives your audience multiple choices to choose from. If your objective is to know about the personality of your quiz takers, there should be no wrong answer.

For example, when you ask the audience “What is your favorite flavor?” and give them several answers to choose from, be assured that each respondent likes a different flavor.

With such quizzes, you limit where the conversation leads, such that, the respondent can only answer the questions which you want.

It will be viable when you are working towards giving your clients better services or products. The information obtained from a multiple choice quiz can be further used for businesses.

For the audience or respondent to understand the quiz, you have to use precise wording and simple sentence structure.

Yes or No Quiz

It is like a multiple choice quiz; however, the answers is either yes or a no. it is easier and time saving for the quiz taker to answer the question as it has only two options.

When crafting the quiz, you have to be straightforward. The respondent needs to know what you are talking about with the least words possible in each question.

By keeping the questions short, there are less chances that the respondent gets bored. Instead, they can complete the quiz and even take another one if available.

Unlike the open-ended quiz where you have to strike a conversation with the respondent, all you need here is ask a question which the respondent either answers yes or no.

The quiz can help you understand what your audience feel regarding a product or service. It ensures that you learn about the understanding of the audience towards your brand and how you can improve.

Matching Quiz

The quiz also has multiple choice questions; however, some have more than one answer. It can be ideal when you want to ensure that the audience understands your content.

More so, it is a bit better since it gives the audience something which they can go on. The quiz will give the audience time to absorb the question before matching the correct answer.

It’s useful while teaching a subject to an audience. After a lesson, employing such a quiz makes sure that the respondent has an idea on how to go about it.

Therefore, you need to give substantial content before asking the quiz. The audience needs to have an idea of what you are asking. Even if it was a few minutes ago, you have to give them something to go on.

Fill in the Blank Quiz

It requires the audience to figure out which is the correct answer. Unlike multiple choice question, this quiz has some blanks within the statement.

The audience, therefore, has to figure out the right answer to fill in the blanks. At times, you can give your audience choices or leave them blank.

It will test the understanding of the audience on the current subject. Therefore, you can choose the topic which you want to test the respondents and make a quiz out of it.

The Final Verdict

Be it for learning purposes or getting a more substantial following online, using the quizzes mentioned above will aid you to obtain your goal and explode your email list overnight. All you need to focus on is to be careful with your target audience since each quiz is for a different type of audience.

If aiming towards obtaining honest answers from the audience, you should consider an open-ended quiz. Therefore, you have to create a quiz which will aid you to obtain your needs and grow as well.

Angela White is an ed-tech enthusiast with a passion for writing on consumer market in the areas of product research using quizzes and surveys. She is an expert researcher at ProProfs. In her free time, Angela enjoys traveling and reading.