Top Web Design Trends to Watch in 2018

Milton Glaser, the leading graphic designer behind “I Love NY” Logo said there are three replies to a web design: Yes, No and WOW! Nowadays, With the influx of websites flourishing all over the internet, that WOW factor is your key to standing out from the crowd.

As the front of your brand, your website is the prime thing that audience observe of your business. Either you love it or not, the audience will make reviews of your business based on the way that your website looks. Does it look clumsy and cluttered? Sleek and Professional?

Just Like Clothing trends are always emerging, web design trends are always emerging. What a fabulous web design in 2011 will apparently seem outdated and tired in 2018?

And that where this blog post comes in. We collaborated here latest web design trends that will dominate in 2018. Here what they are.

1. The practice of only One Font:
Before some years web designs composed of two or three distinct fonts. These days, designers apt to prefer to practice only single font during the whole site in several tones.

For example, notice how Uber leans only on one font throughout their complete homepage, whereby maintaining a feeling of uniformity. At the same time, they adjust the spacing and boldness of that font so as to prevent a dull look.

2. More Graphics Illustrations:
Say goodbye to shabby Shutterstock photos. These days, websites are all about custom designs. Brands are designing their own illustrations to expose their personalities and communicate with their website visitors.

And you know that old saying “Less is more”? Similarly, it goes for graphic illustrations.
The primary thing is for the graphics to conduct the brand’s information without being diverting. The graphics must be attractive but not so wonderful that they shift the principal point of focus. And that’s a hard balance to get. The illustrations have got to “flow with the other content.”

This is why building a “simple” design is usually a lot easier said than done. Mostly, the easier the design is, the more you end up spending. It’s not simple to build a design that’s easy, aesthetically delightful and still doesn’t puzzle the user.

Dropbox takes integrity to a completely different height with their basic sketch design:

3. Video and Animation:
In today’s modern era, storytelling is a unique way for brands to tell their story through animation. So, static visuals are over and animation is in.

Most of the brands are now using some kind of animation on their homepage.

Service-based brands can incorporate the basic introduction about their software in videos to educate their visitors, product-based brands can show off their products in animations and experience-based companies can use animations to share authentic experiences to celebrate them together.

Even it would be a successful marketing strategy across the board. It’s especially compelling as it offers the audience to believe like as if they are really there.

Some brands are playing with very simple and subtle animations, while others are going all out.

For instance, on the French site, Fromage Abondance, the flaring candles in the background are the only thing moving on the home page.

The adventurer, Bear Grylls does a fabulous job on his website. Once the user scrolls down a bit, a collection of various adventure views starts to play and plays on repeat or until the user scrolls down further.

360 videos, or videos which provide a 360 view of something, are also a popular form of animation that many web designs are starting to use. For e-commerce websites, this means that website visitors can really see the product that they are interested in before buying it. For products with a higher price tag, this has the potential to make a big impact on conversions.

4. Bold and Dramatic Typography:
While some companies are allowing videos and animation do all of the talking, other companies are using a contrary road and putting their font on the core platform.

2018 will witness the distinct importance of bold and exciting typography. Many big names are adopting it to concede their story by typography only.

Take a glance at the Théodore Rousseau Exhibition website, where bold, spaced-out font and whitespace are the primary and only things that welcome readers.
I guess you could say that the font is visual centerpiece here.

5. Box Designs:
Another trend is growing used of box designs on websites, where sections of a webpage are broken into different ‘boxes’ like is done by Apple. They are practicing the box design all completely on their site, with a strong weight on visuals.

So, love them or hate them, these trends are here to stay.. at least for now.

What do you believe? Do you see any trends that you would like to implement on your own site, but not sure how? Is so, feel free to get in touch. Rudra Innovative Software is a leading web design & Web Development Company and we offer flexible models to hire web developers for your project. Our Hire Web Designer service can lower down the development & design costs and allows peace of mind as far as the best skill for the apt job is involved.

Sanjay Kumar is B2B digital marketing doyen, with close to 5 years of experience in web marketing, project management, and business development. Mr. Sanjay has innovated, erected and managed e-marketing campaign for various organizations with his awe-inspiring analytical and practical approach driving fuel to the business growth.