Top 7 Android App Development Fundamentals for Beginners

When the evolution of everything today has taken many different forms, we cannot ignore the fact that the evolution of technology, especially in the case of Android Apps, has also reached another level of appreciation. Be it the very common Google App store which provides you with ample of Apps; it is a feature that is recognizable and has given a variety to Android Apps. The range of these android apps has grown with a wide variety of subjects on which these Apps are developed.

The android apps are not just easy to use, but they also are developed in a wide variety and used by many too. We today cannot survive without taking help from our Android Phones that are filled with these Apps. Whether it is booking your tickets to booking a cab, from ordering food to ordering your stuff, these apps have become part and parcel of what our daily lives revolve around. They have made life easier as things are now just a click away!

While users think of such great facilities that these apps have provided, some technical geeks look for the facts that are behind these apps and their functionalities. These people do not just have a look at the Apps, but also plan to make one. They are thus called developers as they develop a new idea into an existing App. While looking at the Android Apps, it feels quite easy to design them, but, not every developer meets the objective of the App to reach up to the customers.

Thus, developing a successful working app is very important as they will be beneficial for the users, it is required to know some of the initials of developing the same if you are a beginner and are planning to learn React Native Android Development. Here are some of such fundamentals for developing an android app for all those who wish to do it.

Understand the Android environment

While entering into the Android world, it is important to first understand the concepts of how this world works. There are a lot of applications that already are existing and to keep our app a unique one; it is highly required to analyze every other competitor app so that you know all about what you need to create.

Set your goals

Once you have had a look at what exists according to your application’s theme, set your goals as to what will you create or develop according to the existing apps. The customer always is attracted to a new feature that is added in the application. Thus, it is very necessary to understand and set your goals on to how your android app should be built that it is more effective and has a better impact on the users.

Be an expert

While creating an android app, it is just that you need to be very prone towards the android app development platform. As developing an app needs a lot of experience and technical skills, it is very important that you have the exact knowledge about android as a platform. It is also required that you know a programming language like java especially to work on the same.

Use the right development tool

Android platform required that you use the correct tool to understand better the initials of developing an app.  It is also a better option to work on Android App Studio IDE or Eclipse as a beginner as it will help you to understand and know about functions or methods easily.

Make your app portable

There are a lot of devices and a lot of different versions of these devices. There can be situations that can occur that your app does not work fine with different devices. It is to be made sure that your app is consistent on any version of the Operating system or any device.

Look for the app design, make it user-friendly

As an android app will be for the customer, it is very much required that attention is paid towards its design as well. A complex app would not attract the customers as they might get irritated with the way it works. Thus, it becomes important that your app is not just efficient but also very easy to work on.

Launch more than one app with extra features

Do not settle for a single app being developed. Always try to come up with a better version of the app that you have already created. A better option that can enhance your app is always a nice option. You can always improvise it and help the customers by providing them with extra facilities towards what is already created. Thus, never settle down by just developing an app, try to revise it with time as well.

Denny Kelly is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow. I would love to share thoughts on smart watch app development and Game Design Development etc.