The Truth About Brands: The Key To Making Your Company Stand Out

Brands are a powerful blend of the entire marketplace. They create significant value both for individuals and organizations. Once you establish your central brand identity, creating a logo and tagline becomes easier. You also get to develop a unique branding and marketing strategy.

Maintaining a unique style also offers guidance for employees to retain consistency. To build a distinctive brand, you must ensure that everything you say or do supports the marks of your brand.

Powerful brands are easily recognized because they tend to be consistent with everything related to the trade name. Such elements of consistency include styles, colors, images, fonts, and action.

According to statistics, consumers suggest that a color signature increases brand recognition by 80%. More so, 46% of consumers surveyed say they are willing to pay more for a trustworthy brand.

Note that branding is more than generating sales and revenue. It also affects:

  • Your perception in the marketplace
  • The ability to hire and retain a quality team
  • Your ability to impact your community positively

Below, we’ll learn the truth about brands. So, let’s look at the keys to making your company stand out.

Create a Powerful Brand Name

A brand name makes you stand out and differentiate your brand from other similar ones within a category. Brand names are often registered to safeguard your brand equity. A logo usually accompanies them.

Coming up with name brands for agencies is often one of the most challenging decisions. Usually, there are many great brand names, but most of them are already taken. 

Still, naming and rebranding meaning can be well worth it when done correctly. This includes when you know how to create a unique brand name that will attract consumers. These are brand names that depict value. The most important thing to ensure you make a good brand name is that it doesn’t suffer redundancy, incompleteness, or categorization errors. 

How to come up with a brand name? For anyone who wants new brand names or business name changes, ensure you find terms that:

  • Are well-aligned with your brand positioning
  • Incorporates brand personality
  • Includes at least one brand benefit
  • Have unique logo
  • Have URL present
  • Avoids negative business concepts

Understanding the types of brand names is the first step in naming your company, product, or service. If you have several products or services, the kinds of brand names you select for each offer will also help you define your brand architecture

The most important thing to remember is that: the perfect name doesn’t exist. If it does, it’s likely to have been trademarked. A recent Harvard Law Review was done on the title, ‘Are we running out of trademarks?’ It was found that over 70% of common English words have been trademarked already. 

The good news is that; there’s much more to a strong brand, and the name brand is only a portion of it.

Maintain a Remarkable Brand Personality

Your brand’s personality should be evident in the design, colors, and images you choose. The personality should also reflect in your tone and messages and how your employees interact with your customers. So, ensure you nail it right. If something seems to interfere with your brand personality, adjust it to maintain a remarkable charisma.

Besides, think about the unique way you present your brand to the world. This is your brand voice that also expresses your brand’s personality. It helps to maintain a consistent voice through all your communication channels. This includes emails, blog posts, social media platforms, websites, and advertisements. 

No matter the teams that handle particular channels, ensure they all depict your one brand voice. It’s a powerful way to ensure you stand out among your competitors.

Note that your brand voice will depend on your services. Thus, it can fall into any of these categories:

  • Friendly
  • Service-oriented
  • Promotional
  • Conversational
  • Professional
  • Informative
  • Technical

Many adjectives can enhance the brand voice behind your product messaging. In the long run, you need to select a voice that echoes your target customers.

Live Your Brand’s Reputation

Your brand is similar to your reputation, which you must live by. Often, it takes a long time to enhance your brand’s reputation. If you’re not careful, you can damage the positive influence instantly. 

The public image of your brand will often come out of their experience. It can also originate from either good or bad impressions. So, for your brand to flourish, you must live by it. 

Your core values matter most in building your trademark. So, ensure your employees take pride in them. Let the team live your brand by displaying affection and attachment to your product or service. 

Make Your Brand Unique

It helps to aim at positioning your brand in consumers’ minds. You can attain this by creating a unique brand. This will make them think about you more highly than your competitors.

A unique product makes your customers feel good and inspired to make a purchase. 61% of the population say they are highly likely to buy from companies that deliver uniqueness.

Your brand power may be evident through words like “reliable,” “safe,” or “convenient.” Ensure that the terms you own in your products or service are tailored to your brand. 

Focus on Creating Excellent Buyer Persona

A buyer persona goes into detail in describing a person who represents your targeted audience. This persona is often imaginary but based on thorough research of your desired audience. You might also hear the same term referred to as:

  • Audience persona
  • Customer persona
  • Marketing persona.

So, how can your company use a brand persona to stand out? You can use it to represent your brand visually and enhance consistency. 

Within the company, your workforce can use the buyer persona as a reference point for expressing the services. This makes it easier to represent the brand perfectly. 

Outside the company, persona gives customers a face to look up to. In return, this gives a more apparent impression of your brand, more than what a logo can.

To define your brand buyer persona best, look for the following details in your consumers:

  • Consumer motivation
  • Their desires
  • Fears
  • Influencers
  • Pain points
  • Level of brand affinities

Once you discover the above details, creating product ideas in line with customers’ needs and interests becomes easier. You can also develop exceptional products that make your company stand out.

Key Takeaways

Regardless of whether your brand is small or large, and despite the industry you operate in, the importance of branding for your business success cannot be overemphasized. Your branding is the focal point the public uses to form an impression about your business. So, ensure you use the keys we’ve discussed above to nail it right and stand out. All the best!

Dan has hands-on experience in digital marketing since 2007. He has been building teams and coaching others to foster innovation and solve real-time problems. Dan also enjoys photography and traveling.