SEO tips: How to pip big brands and win with a small budget in the travel segment?

Your product or service is such that it can be in demand not just in New York City but all over the world, and if it is related to travel, you can be quite optimistic about it. You start your SEO efforts with the hope to reach there right on the top, but somehow things refuse to turn out in your favor even after many attempts. It can leave you surprised because your website is free of any technical issue, the content is of high quality, and there are a couple of backlinks too. Still, you don’t see any progress. It can feel frustrating to be in a situation like this.

Numerous little organizations have arrived at the resolution that SEO is never again attainable right now age.

They accept that with Google preferring huge brands and bigger organizations tossing colossal measures of spending plan at their SEO endeavors, it has gotten difficult to contend.

In any case, on the off chance that you realize the correct spots to look there is as yet a tremendous measure of chance to prevail in the natural list items and use it as a spot to enable your business to prosper, even on a little spending plan.

We center our work around SMEs for various reasons, however, one of the key ones is that it permits a lot of approaches that aren’t plausible or obliged at the big business level.

However, you need to remind yourself that you are competing in an incredibly competitive market, where many leading brands of the world have already made their presence. They have massive budgets for digital endeavors that they are using for more than a decade now. You can defeat them, but you can’t achieve it without revamping your strategies. For that, you first need to find weak areas of those brands and establish yourself there. Here are some insights for empowering your knowledge on this.

How to take on the big brands?

Nobody is perfect

Whether it’s a small or large business, everyone is vulnerable in certain aspects. So, if you look closely, you can for sure spot specific loopholes in the way they operate. For example, you can see they take a longer time in decision-making because of the involvement of the different stakeholders, without whose approval things cannot move. Internal politics and the participation of considerably larger teams make it impossible to implement any SEO and content marketing plans smoothly. Then, they usually run their websites on old platforms or get stuck with code freezes.

Use your strengths

Whether you are a small company in NYC or somewhere else, you might not have much money to spare on this or a digital marketing team. But this doesn’t mean your hands are tied. You too have some strong points to gain an advantage. For instance, you can act promptly, unlike big players in any situation as you don’t have to wait for approval at different levels. It gives you tremendous flexibility in decision-making. If you chance upon an excellent idea, you can execute it online without delay.

Plus, you being a small brand has very little to lose. But if you are determined, you can gain a lot. Most large organizations tend to retreat into a comfortable zone because they don’t expect anyone to come even an inch closer to them in competition. However, you can target them with determination. In this respect, running daring campaigns can come in handy. You don’t need any legal approval for many of them.

Look for topics to rank in the most competitive market

Commandments of Content Marketing
Commandments of Content Marketing

In your travel segment only, you can search for topics where your rivals are not competing. Don’t follow the usual things. You need to focus on long-tail SEO-friendly terms that are easy to ignore because they don’t immediately appear to be significant. For this, you can rely on Google Trends. It can give you a peek into growing trends in your space, and as soon as you discover them, you can develop content around it and post. Check the performance of the content to catch the drift of traction. If traffic is good, you can produce more articles and blogs around it.

Think beyond the domestic market

Even if you are in NYC, you should try to reach out to markets that these behemoths cannot influence much. You may not realize it, but it can be a winning opportunity for you. However, you need to build a business case before creating your presence in a specific market. Since you don’t have to deal with layers of management, you can be quick in your actions. If your move doesn’t reap any benefit, you can exit anytime. So, search for a market where you can reach easily, and your competition is very less. If it seems to be the right place, you can increase your investment to take it to the next level.

There are several benefits to doing this. For instance, since there is no fierce competition happening there, you can witness exceptional growth. Then, by the time you come into the notice of a bigger brand, you must have already grown. Due to this, you can now use your power to challenge your competition with authority, if necessary.

If these sound too much of a work, you can speak to a few trustworthy and experienced SEO companies in New York and hire one for guidance and support.  

Run a desk research

So, it can be a great idea to start with low-competition markets. But you need to identify them to take advantage. For that, you can take the help of the existing data and desk research. Track all the markets that are relevant for you and study the presence of your competitors there. If you come across an area where a big brand is missing or has a small existence, you can go deep with your efforts. You may try to find out how many local players are there and whether you can get an edge over them. If the chances of success look slim, you can leave it and move on to the next option. Otherwise, it can be among your target areas.

Use real data to unearth high potential markets

You can utilize data that reveal which of your service or product appeal to your customers the most. Check analytics where the chances of conversions are higher, and if you can lead that market. For example, if you can offer the best travel deal in a particular place unlike others and there are a lot of takers also, you can ramp up your efforts there. You never know if you end up minting money there.

Search for topics relevant to high potential markets

When you try to capture a local market, you need to focus your attention on localizing the content that performs high in extremely competitive markets. Due to less competition, you can acquire top rankings soon. Just make sure you publish only the best content though.

How to ramp up efforts in the travel niche?

Once you have an overall understanding of how to deal with big brands, you don’t have to look back. You can use your small budget to give them a push back. Since everyone loves travelling regardless of the fact where they live, you can have plenty of opportunities to make space for yourself despite fierce competition. For instance, you already know the importance of creating content for terms that may not see high volume searches but can be extremely relevant for you. Let’s delve deeper now.

Target Keywords

Google Analytics

Top brands don’t have time, but you have this in plenty. So, take advantage by going deeper into users’ journey, tracking right from where they can convert to everything else. For instance, you can start with the best places to travel in April, holidaying in Costa Rica places to visit in Costa Rica, and so on. You can produce content around these topics and gain visibility in search engines without even targeting the main keyword “Costa Rica Holidays.” As reiterated above also, the content has to be good.

Where the large organizations make a couple of top-level pages for the high-volume phrases individuals are scanning for, you have to dive deep.

Break down the whole client venture from the minute clients begin looking into their excursion to the point they make a buy and spread off all regions they may be looking for.

This may follow a procedure like the one underneath:

  • best places to visit in April
  • Spain occasions
  • best urban communities in Spain for families
  • activities in Seville
  • activities in Seville with kids
  • court de Espana
  • family benevolent cafés Seville
  • extravagance family lodgings in Seville downtown area

There is a ton of chance to get found in that procedure without positioning for “Spain occasions” and going toward the huge young men.

In the event that the remainder of your site is carrying out its responsibility, it could just take being found through one of them to transform a guest into a potential client.

Content contribution

Content Marketing Tips

Even after producing great content and getting traction, you may still not make your place in competitive searches. For that, you can approach top-ranking editorial sites where your articles can publish. Since you belong to the travel business, travel blogging sites will be your best collaboration. The article you publish there can feature a call to action in the body. Or, if allowed, you can utilize author bio to expose your brand. Keep an eye on the progress and accordingly decide the next step.

Barnacle SEO

Along these lines, you’re doing incredible things with your long-tail substance and driving great traffic through that, yet you despite everything need to get found through the large, serious terms in your specialty. What do you do?

Barnacle SEO could be the appropriate response. On the off chance that your own area doesn’t have the ability to rank for the most serious terms in the business, you have to discover article locales that do and will permit you to contribute somehow or another.

The most probable choice in movement is an entrenched sightseeing blog. Discover one that is applicable for your crowd (extravagance, hiker, and so on.) and that you can see is as of now positioning great for serious terms.

Contact them to check whether you can contribute a well-looked into, inside and out an article that objectives the expression you need to rank for.

Follow all the means we’ve depicted in our different focuses above, simply include the substance on their blog as opposed to your own website.

In a perfect world, you’ll have the option to incorporate some unmistakable source of inspiration inside the piece, yet regardless of whether you simply get a creator box toward the finish of the post-it will give a great brand introduction and ought to produce some great traffic.

You then simply need to screen the query items and perceive how well the post positions. In the event that it begins directing people to you, at that point awesome! Begin composing more for that site focusing on different expressions!

In the event that it doesn’t proceed just as you’d trusted, have a go at finding another blog to test.

Keep in mind, some portion of the activity is down to your substance being sufficient to rank, so don’t simply point your finger at the host site if your own stir isn’t satisfactory!

Link building

SEO for Your Small Business

Larger brands have to spend money on anything and everything. So, when it comes to link building also, they don’t get any respite. But small companies have an advantage here as they can build relationships quickly. If you approach third-parties directly, you together can unearth lots of opportunities for collaboration. So, take advantage of this personalized approach and look out for useful websites and influencers in the travel industry. How you nurture your relationship with them can finally lead to link building and many other advantageous opportunities.

Hence, don’t ever think that you cannot achieve much with a smaller budget in a highly competitive market. If you are careful with your strategies, you can get going. Also, having sound knowledge of advanced SEO is necessary regardless of whether you specialize in travel or any other segment. Larger brands dominate most of the areas of businesses, but time constraints, management structure, and other things keep them occupied with themselves, sparing little space to go into details. You just have to keep an eye on those opportunities and move fast. If you cannot do everything on your own, you can check with New York SEO agencies that have expertise and resources. They should also fit into your budget.

Randy Stark is a freelance web developer who specializes in developing and managing simple and economical websites based on the WordPress platform.