Securing Your Data Communication with an SSL Certificate

Securing the database and securing all the other information on your website is a mandatory thing in today’s online world. This is because; the amount of threat and the hacking activities has been increasing day by day. As we are heading towards 100 percent digitization, we have become more prone to the vulnerabilities of hacking and cyber threats. Owing to this the need of highly trained technicians and cyber experts are needed to support and safeguard our business from these threats.

If you are new to the online business then you need to be more vigilant but if you are already established then you must take care of high standard security and work on the right techniques for securing database communication. Also, having a strong presence in the era of digital is much needed to gain the customer’s trust and visibility.

Usually when we work online, the communication between the browser and the server is considered to be very crucial. On the client side, the communication between the web application and the database shall also be secured as ultimately it affects on customer’s trust and so business. For this, what is the best solution? You can secure your customer’s data by implementing an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificate
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Just to start with a basic understanding of SSL certificates

These certificates came into existence to be used to secure information and encrypt data for all the communications. These are digital certificates combined with a public and the private key and use a protocol for securing the communications between browser and server.

Take a sneak peak on how it works

We know that SSL certificates work on the protocols. These protocols define the connection between the client and the server and exchange the cryptographic information, with the help of private keys, the ultimate goal of SSL is to provide encryption/authentication to the transmitted data between the server and the browser.

Another important thing associated with SSL certificates and encryption of the data is that these are the most secure connections and the validation offered by SSL always start with HTTPS instead of HTTP. The URLs that are secured by SSL connection always starts with HTTPS indicating the encryption between the browser and the server. Further to it, the communication, which occurs between the SQL Server 2000 and the client’s browser, should have the necessary specifications like – windows 2000 and updated antivirus systems with software. All the more, in every situation SSL certificates are a mandate, thus one shall get it right. Also, make sure the certificate authority – CA issues the SSL certificate as this gives SSL certificates an authenticity and trust level, which is very important for the secure communications.

In this article, we aren’t going much deeper into the SQL server 2000 and the client’s communication elements, but indeed we will learn more on how the database communications are secured with SSL certificates. You can learn more about SQL servers through Microsoft SQL Server Training online.

There is a process of how the SSL certificates are installed on the window server 2000 and how it works on securing the database communication. Let’s learn about it –

Therefore, when you install an SSL certificate on the server, you need certain specifications – that is you can apply an SSL certificate to a website with an IIS Internet Services Manager, further you need to make sure that windows certificates use the MMC snap-in where it gets applied to a SQL server 2000 machine. Follow this process to install the SSL certificates to your SQL SERVER, but remember you need to restart your server once the installation is complete. Post this the SSL certificate is ready to communicate with the server.

Now there is some technical setup, which needs to be done on the other browser or client’s browser. These changes are compulsory in order to build the trust and the confidence while communicating between the SQL server web applications. When the certificate is installed on the SQL server, it should have all the trusted certificates from the reliable certificate providers and should have MDAC 2.6 on the Microsoft Windows 2000.

So now, you know how the database communications between the web application and your SQL server is secured, but there is another important approach to it, which we shall highlight in the article. 

When you decide to encrypt the communication with the SQL server, it has to be a checkbox for everything needed on your browser and the server. For this, it is crucial to install MDAC 2.6 or the SQL Server 2000 connectivity libraries for secure database communications. Please see there is an

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