Pneumatic Slip Ring and its Specifications:

The pneumatic slip ring is also known as a hydraulic-Electric slip ring or electric slip ring. Some people even called a commentator. In a high-speed environment, it is also known as rotator transformers.

What is Pneumatic Slip Ring?

It is a device which is used to transfer pneumatic vacuum from stationary channel to rotator, with protecting the fluid from mixing. It also separates the liquid from mixing when it rotates at the angle of 360. It allows the electric current to pass from two rotator units in a motor.

There is a lot of reason for transferring power and signals — rotation in a hub of turbines. The primary purpose of a pneumatic slip ring is to control the automating working. The general goal is to pas all kind of liquids like water, steam, oil and gas. This machine works on the electric ring as well as a gas-liquid rotary.

In wet areas or seas, the pneumatic slip ring is used to mix the transmission of gas and high-tech equipment.

The composition of Pneumatic Slip Ring:

Usually, the slip ring consists of a metallic brush which is used to rub the outer side diameter of the metallic ring. When the metallic ring turns, electric signals are produced through the brush to the metallic ring. It is notable that rings are still they do not move, but other parts rotate.  It is available in 6 sizes with adjustable screws, pistons and magnets.

Pneumatic Rotary Joint:

Pneumatic rotary joint transfers the fluid and works on the rules of the mechanism; this joint is used to transport vacuum from a stationary chamber to rotate. The pneumatic slip ring is to compete with high temperature and high pressure when the rotary union integrates with many passages.

  • What is Pneumatic Rotary Unit?
  • It is a device which isolates and protects the fluid from slip ring to rotary ring. Its operate system includes :
  • speed
  • media
  • temperature
  • pressure

Specific Features:

Basically, these are designed for air, vacuum and fluid like water, steam or oil

  • It can attach with 1~128 wires
  • It is available in both categories like solid or bore
  • It gives the high level of the output of the torque
  • It consists of an adjustable ring with the angle of 0-360 degree
  • They are durable and can be operated in harsh environments
  • Liquid and gas pipes can be customizes

Specifications of Pneumatic Slip Ring:

  1. Consist of 4 channels
  2. Maximum speed is 250RPM
  3. The medium of liquid is water, steam, oil or gas
  4. Dielectric strength is about 1000VDC at a frequency of 50Hz
  5. Working temperature is -40 degrees centigrade to 80-degree centigrade
  6. Mechanical vibration is about MIL-SID-810
  7. Tube size is about 4mm~25mm
  8. Insulation resistance is about 1000Mohm at 600VDC lead wire
  9. It can combine with1~200 wires signal
  10. Humidity level is approximately 10% to 90% RH

Classification of Slip Ring:

There are a lot of categories of pneumatic slip rings. Some of these are the following:

  1. bore slip rings
  2. capsule slip rings
  3. pancake slip ring
  4. USB slip ring
  5. Fiber optic slip ring
  6. Mercury slip ring
  7. Separate slip rings
  8. Winch slip ring
  9. Electric combination slip ring
  10. Thermocouple slip ring
  11. Wind turbine slip ring
  12. High current slip ring

Some major slip rings are described below:

#1 Mercury –Wetted Slip Ring:

These slip rings are famous for their low resistance and have a good and stable connection. It uses a principle that replaces the brush with a pool of liquid material, by having molecular bonding. When the rotation starts the liquid slip ring material stables the electric connection. It is involved in food processing, packaging, canning or manufacturing. However, the use of mercury slip ring is handled with great care. Leakage of mercury may occur. It is substantially controlled by temperature because mercury turns into solid at -40-degree centigrade.

#2 Pancake Slip Ring:

In pancake, slip ring conductors are arranged on a flat disk on the rotating chamber. Due to this configuration, it has a large volume, high capacitance, massive weight, big brushes on its vertical axis.

It is appropriate in many applications because it reduces axial length for many circuits.

Their thickness is from 20mm to 91.9mm

Electrical Features:

  • Have 2-48 circuits
  • Its dielectric strength is less than 500V
  • Voltage rating is 240/440 VAC/DC

Mechanical Features:

  • Its temperature range is -30 to 80-degree centigrade
  • Housing material is made up of aluminum
  • Inner diameter is about 12,7-80mm
  • Its rotating speed is about 0-300rpm

#3 Wireless Slip Ring:

It is a type of pneumatic slip ring which does not depend on the metallic brush. They work through a magnetic field because they transfer both power and date without any wire; that’s why they are known as wireless slip rings. The best thing about wireless slip ring is that is can also be favorable in the harsh environment because these are upgrades from standard slip rings.

#4 Fiber optic slip ring:

It is also called fiber-electric slip ring. It is used to transmit fiber signals and electricity when rotation occurs at 360 degrees. Usually, its function is in HD videos, the communication system in microwaves, video monitoring system. The main thing about fiber optic slip ring is that it provides data from static side to rotation side which help to improve the performance. To get high-speed data, it can also be combined with transmit power.

Features of Fiber Optic Slip Ring:

  • It can be combined with a standard slip ring to get high-speed data
  • No friction occurs, which extends its working life
  • Safe and durable
  • It can transmit many signals

 Application Areas:

  • Pneumatic slip rings can be used in a laser cutting machine, automatic cutting machines, and automatic bronzing machine.
  • It can be used where 360-degree rotary combines transmission are used. These are used in industries for the purpose of clamping, positioning or in controlling the valves.
  • Used in polishing of machines
  • Packaging of products
  • Rotatory tables
  • Sea and in another harsh environment

Advantages of Pneumatic Slip Ring:

  • It is reliable and free maintained
  • It provides high work speed
  • Its speed and pressure can be increased according to demand
  • It combines with electric slip ring
  • Have compact design


The pneumatic slip ring is also known as electric slip ring which is used to transfer pneumatic vacuum from stationary channel to rotary. It has a lot of classifications, and each has specific features. These are more durable as well as reliable, used in a harsh environment such as seas.

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