Planning to Build dating App? This News Will Make Your Day

We exist in an era where our communal lives are getting dependent on technology. The internet now connects citizens who have a lack of time and active pace of life. There are applications for almost all your needs, be it an app for your health care, an app for medicine, finding suitable jobs, haunting for homes, food apps and many more. People are more glued to the internet than meeting up socially. And nowadays people even use the internet to search for love. Yes, dating app development is a much-hyped business in the market.

No wonder why people are keen to make a dating app. Are you also looking for your perfect soul mate or partner? Are you exploring the best app to find the best one? Well, online dating sites and apps are helping the public find their soul mates or even a colleague for short term relations. Online dating apps have associated numerous public which have made it a popular place, especially amid the millennial. There are many adults also searching for a love or life partner through these applications.

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But before we proceed on how to build a dating app, here is what the actual situation is on the dating markets.  This news is sure to make your day to plan it out perfectly.

  • Online dating statistics prove that 20% of current, steadfast relationships started online, and 13% of couples got married after they met on a dating website. Around 54% of online daters in the US say relationships that come from dating online are as successful as ones that begin in person. You will be shocked to know that almost 19% of US adults rely on these dating apps when searching for a life partner. Yes, you heard it right.
  • Another news for you is that mobile dating applications are increasing and have become extremely popular among the elders. Almost 19% of people who are between the ages of 55 to 64 are found to be active members of these dating apps, along with 13% of people over 64. Hard to believe? But that’s how it is. So, you don’t need to worry, as you are on the right track in planning to build a dating app.

To augment your likelihood of finding a colleague, you might fancy downloading more than one app. However, if you are going to begin with just one, think about which app might be a magnet for the people you’re most interested in dating. Do you still plan to build a dating app? So, here we are to help you with little steps for your route.

1.  Select the finest layout which you like to build the app

2.  Append features like a chat, video call, social media for a better user experience

3.  Advertise your dating app on app stores

Building the ideal dating app is not so difficult any longer. You can now make your own dating app by using the tinder duplicate mobile dating app from Play store or get an absolutely new concept done by professionals.

You can manufacture a dating empire for your mobile on you possess with this tinder clone. Your app can be intended to provide a unique experience where your constituent users can meet just the kind of individual they want to. However, tinder is not the one dating app that’s popular. Applications like Hinge, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel are only a few of the popular ones.

These applications have set up their secured positions in the market with over $20 million dollars. This signifies that Tinder is not the only successful dating app. There are applications in the market which have their dominance over the masses. So, not to worry and start your dating app development.

Build dating Apps

So, what would you need to make your dating app, the most popular one? Here is what is a must:

1.  Facebook integration: Social media is the new hype. Facebook integration is a must so as to know the basic profile and understanding of the person.

2.  Easy login: Login has to be easy as people will not like to waste their time on a very secure and complicated login user interface.

3.  Search based on location: while searching for the like-minded partner, most of the people would perfect the search on the same location so that they can meet and proceed further.

4.  Search based on common interest: While making a dating app, you should remember to add a search filter based on common interest. As many of the people prefer their life partner to be like-minded with common interests.

5.  Messenger to chat and exchange words: This is of utmost importance as the initial discussions would be in the dating app itself. And in due course of time, the exchange of words can be decided personally.

6.  Push notifications: Push notifications are the best alternative to the websites. They encourage user retention and hence is an absolutely necessary feature when you start your dating app development.  The main function of these push messages is to notify the users when a new match for them is found.

So, to conclude, with such information on online dating apps, you can very well understand that you cannot make mistakes while making a dating app. With tough competitions and also in the increase in the demand in the market, your app developers should be able to make it superbly convenient for users to interact. And that is the sole reason why you need to hire professional dating app developers so that they understand your requirements and add the flavors to your app with their skillful experience.

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