Paid search Vs Paid social: Which is the Best Advertising Platform for business?

In this digital world, one of the effective ways of promoting business among large audiences is an advertisement. Businessmen avail the best SEO services for uplifting their website position in SERP. But there are two most effective methods which are used for the promotion of brand i.e. Paid Google ads and paid social media marketing. These two are the most popular and successful platforms for online advertisement of the business. Todays in this read explore which one is the best platform for online business promotion.

Although both the methods seem similar yet there is a huge difference between them. These advertising models deal in different areas. Let’s first know what is Paid Google?

Paid search is the oldest way of advertisement and it plays a significant role in generating more specific and qualified leads. The most popular example of the paid search is Google ads. You may notice while searching something on Google you has seen various Google ads.

Purpose of Paid Google: 

The primary purpose of the paid Google is just to generate the relevant and specific traffic on a website for which you run paid Google. This is a highly beneficial way of elevating a business in no time.

Benefits of the Paid Google

There are several benefits of Paid Google search for a business. Let’s have a look at the major benefits.

1. Promote the business across the world in no time

Paid search like PPC (Pay-per-click) is the great advertising method that would represent a business across the world that even in no time. When you run PPC ads for your business, then within a very short period, your business is known globally. It is an effective and beneficial method for every kind of business whether it is small, medium and large.

2. Easy to run PPC/Google ads campaign

The best news is that PPC/ ads like Google ads campaigns are easy to run. Anyone can run this paid Google campaign.

3. Less expense huge benefit

Only spending some money on the PPC ads, you can earn a huge profit. For example, if some customers visit your website by clicking the Google ad and purchase a product that has a higher price which you are giving to the Google ads. That means you are earning a huge profit that even from a single product.

4. Pay only after a click on products

The best thing about the Paid Google ads is that only when the customer clicks on the ads and visit the website, then you have to pay for Google.

5. Attract customers 

It is a wonderful advertisement method that attracts potential customers. The benefit of this ad is that only potential customers would visit your website. You can also increase more customers on your website with the help of SEO Services companies. That means the chance of sales increase. The traffic on your website would be more beneficial for you.

6. Produce fast result 

One of the main reasons why People run Google ads for their business is that it produces the fastest result. With a very short period after running the Google ad campaign for your business, you can see the result. From traffic on your websites to the conversion & sale, all would increase that even within a very short time after the Google ads. It is the most effective and short method that increases sales.

7. Measurable Google ads

Every aspect of the Google/PPC ads is measurable. You can see from which location your website is getting more traffic, which kind of products are linked by customers the most and other factors.

8. Excellent for the local search

PPC ads work very well for the local search. If you think that you have potential customers in your local area or any particular area, then you can run the campaign for that particular area. 

9. Budget-friendly advertising method

PPC ads campaign or Paid Google advertising method is the best when it’s come to the budget. Within a very low budget, you can avail of the high benefit. It is a budget-friendly ad campaign that can elevate your business to the next height.

10. You can start or stop anytime

You can start or stop this paid advertising method whenever you want. This is the best thing about this paid search.

11. Purpose of Paid social marketing:

It is an amazing way of maintaining and expanding brand awareness. It is mainly used for targeting or attracting a new audience for your business. You can select key demographics via the social paid ads if you think that area would be advantageous for your business.

 12. Benefits of Paid social marketing:

If you want to amplify your brand content, then paid social marketing is the best way to do it. Let’s have a glance at the prime benefit of Paid social marketing.

13. Enhance your reach

Advertising on social media helps to spread your brand reach. Your brand would be visible and known by huge people only after a single post on social media. It is an ideal way for driving traffic, leads, and sales. Paid ads guarantee to increase your overall sales. Paid ads always target the audiences which would be beneficial for the business.

14. Cost-effective marketing

The most attractive thing about social media is that it can be fit for every business. Whether you are running the small, medium or large business, you would be able to avail the services of paid social marketing. It is a budget-friendly advertising campaign.

14. Elevate brand awareness and business

For the exposure of your brand and elevating your business, social media marketing is the best thing. There are so many social media platforms where your brand would be promoted. It is an effective way of promoting a brand online and makes it recognizable to large audiences. Like this, your business would grow and touch the height of success that even within the budget-friendly advertising method.

15. Difference between Paid Google & Paid Social Marketing-

After reading all the above points, now it would be clear for you that both the advertising methods are great for the business. At some point, Paid Google marketing is good than social media marketing. But in some cases, social media marketing is great because it is more budget-friendly than Google marketing. Both are good in their own ways. Paid Google ads are highly effective only when clicks are genuine but if it is not genuine, and then it may bring the loss to the business. But there is no such issue with Paid social marketing.

So, now it can be said that both the advertising methods are awesome for the business. You can use any of the methods as per your choice or demand for your online business.

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