Messaging Applications Tweaks the Outdated Communication System into a Modern Networking Way

The communication apps are going crazy just like how social apps are propelling its growth sky-high that has proven its effectiveness in recent years. The users all over the world are logging into the messaging apps not just to chat privately with colleagues, friends alone but also to connect with brands, ventures, watch content and browse merchandise.

By keeping every conversation private, lively and instant messaging has come a long way from just sending texts to each other. The user base of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the huge promising factors that turned out to be a trend in the messaging where the companies are taking different tactics to use the messaging apps effectively for business communication.

Behind the Closed Doors: Messaging Apps Wholly Empathizes “Connect”:

No wonder why the word “connect” empathizes the messaging apps which literally creates the opportunity in connecting all the contacts over any device within one place.

“A quarter of all downloaded apps in the playstore are abandoned after a single use of the application. Found that about 2.5 billion people have installed and using at least one chat application. Within a couple of years, the total number of users will reach 3.6 billion which is about half of the human population.”    

The connection, whether it be a video, voice, or text, messaging apps urges the key to create an instant connection in a group or private chat functionalities. The messaging apps not only lighten the connectivity within people, but also becoming the significant tool to ensure a real-time conversation across the business sectors.


The Industries That Demands Real-time Conversation

Industries Real-time Conversation

“Feature-enriched messaging apps will have a huge role in transfiguring the new communication way that empowers people to work more effectively and turn organizations into smarter ones”  

There rises the changing of attitude in the minds of employees when the pressure and deadlines at work, distance the employees from the productivity. By introducing the organizational communication tool, the establishment of better collaboration and completion of tasks is said to be more effective than the conventional email communication. The only thing, an enterprise level organization should look over to enhance the collaboration and security design that matters.

The channel within the enterprise messaging application provides the ability to silo off their entire communication from the teams and projects. It also announces the detailed review of the leads, projects, discussions, and overseas conferencing meeting within a tap of the button to enhance inter-team communication.

“Once said that messaging apps are only meant to send, share and stay in contact with friends, family, and higher authorities, but also the story lies in helping patients, organizing during crises and respond to it in real-time.”

The fastest growing digital communication isn’t fully set to enhance business communication alone, healthcare environment also benefits in cutting the cost of frequent patients visit to the hospital. The real-time messaging application builds the relationship among patients, doctors, and physicians to stimulate patient satisfaction. It is found that approximately 70% of patients said that they want any sort of mobile connection (video call, audio call, real-time chat) with the healthcare expert which is more convenient than the actual verbal call over the telephone.

In most of the cases, patients find the conversation with doctors and holding the information or instructions of papers after diagnosis are quite overwhelming. A secure messaging application can put ahead of papers in detail, which in fact brings the feeling of more comfort and empowering. This creates certain scenario, where the patients who are more engaged with doctors are more likely to be healthy and proactive in preventing the diseases.

“When it’s time for a party or concert, no more doubts on the schedule, attendees to the party and the following process. There is no need of downloading apps for every purpose where messaging apps are the significant resource for facilitating real-time information with an in-app facility.”

Engage every participant in real-time with the features that messaging application delivers to increase brand positivity. An in-app messaging functionality can augment user convenience where user-experience is set to be the utmost part of it. The in-game and live event chat application is trending in-app integration which assists to amplify user retention and engagement of any application.

“For consumers, messaging apps are the key tool for connecting and engaging with the users.”

The transition from public social media to messenger apps are the biggest change where brands and celebrities connect with the users. Consumers agree to the factor that messaging apps are more private in connecting through social chat applications. This maximizes the opportunity to reach more users through pop-ups of the ads in the messaging applications.

Pick The Solution That Adds value to the Any Messaging Possibilities

With a solution, that is completely adaptable to develop chat application for any communication purpose is said to multiply the productivity 3x of the actual growth. Yes, there are huge number of Chat API & Messaging SDK Solution providers in the market that delivers real-time chat functionalities for enterprises and individuals to enhance communication possibilities across any vertical. A sublime messaging solution must possess customizable APIs & SDKs of chat, voice and video calls with features to enhance the real-time communication wherever it demands regardless of industries.

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