Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses| 2019

Enthusiasm and creativity which got you to start your own small business will also be the foundations for your future marketing strategy, as well as other strategies. The ultimate choice on the approach will depend on those elements, as well as your budget and intentions regarding the direction you want to develop your small business.

For those who have a hard time understanding all the options and deciding, here is a list of marketing strategies and reasons why to adopt them, either individually or jointly, with the aim of boosting the development of your small business.

SEO that drives traffic

If you are wondering about what search engine optimization (SEO) can do for your small business, here are a few benefits. Since it relies on reaching high ranking on search engines without paying for that position, you would be constantly optimizing your website and thus refining your brand, your language and perhaps even your offer. 

Besides that, an optimized site brings more traffic and thus creates more possibilities for conversion. Dedicating so much time to optimizing your website will also result in more credibility for your brand since your content would be more balanced and informative. Another important feature is that SEO’s effect can be measured so you will not be in the dark regarding whether this strategy works for you.  

Content that aims precisely

Content marketing might just be the method you are looking for to target your preferred audience. If your small business is stagnating even before it has spread its wings, you might need a change in the approach. Tailoring your content so it strikes a chord with your audience can be quite an effective ranking strategy, especially if connected with SEO.

Focusing heavily on the content that you share with the audience will attract more interested parties and build stronger relationships while raising brand awareness. Boosting conversion rates is a plausible result because the audience targeting is more sophisticated.

PPC as a fast profit driver

If you need to achieve results and stand out from your competition fast, then pay-per-click (PPC) advertising might be what you are looking for. It functions like this: you pay each time a link is clicked and in return, you are ranked among first results on the searches.

However, if your small business is just getting started and you may not have the necessary budget right away, you can opt for unsecured business loan plans which won’t take ages to approve or burden your cash flow. All in all, as PPC is a great stimulator of getting noticed and creating profit fast, it is worth adding to your marketing strategy mix.

Social media for tracking competitors

Social media, Facebook, in particular, have won all of us over which is why it is essential that you communicate with your audience through different social media platforms. Just keep in mind that your messages and the format in which they are presented will depend highly on the platform itself.

Active social media campaigns will improve brand visibility and give you many elements that can help shape your campaign optimally. You will also be able to track your competitions’ efficiency which might provide you with useful information on areas you need to work on.

Facebook for building a customer base

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Since Facebook is a giant among social media, it has become a powerful marketing tool on its own. When it comes to creating ads, it aids you by making your needs more concise which reflects in ads that reach Facebook users more efficiently.

Also, to know that the traffic to your website came from Facebook, you would have to track and monitor it through different tools. Creativity is the vital element in Facebook advertising so make sure the content and formats are versatile and up to the latest trend standards. 

Email as a CTA tool

Some people, especially younger generations who grew up with social media may be surprised by the effectiveness of email marketing but those who have been in business longer know that it shouldn’t be disregarded. Easily accessible through many devices, it is a handy tool to convey concise messages.

Since people dislike their email being swamped by the content they aren’t interested in, the list of your email subscribers is probably made up mostly of your brand’s fans, which is not always the case with social media pages. The content shared via email campaigns is informative, tailored to a specific group of people and it carries a strong CTA connotation that drives them to click, buy or participate in a contest. 

In conclusion

When building a marketing strategy, you would need to dive deep and question your motifs, your business structure as well as the budget at your disposal. If you are still indecisive about the perfect option, don’t worry, it is because, in today’s fluctuating world, the best thing to do is to mix and match them according to your current needs.

If you wish to strongly intertwine into the search engine results and stay relevant, it’s wise to combine SEO and content marketing, while for quicker results, you might opt for PPC. Social media and Facebook in particularly help you connect and target your audience, while email marketing strengthens the current relationships with loyal customers. Therefore, a clever mix of these strategies is the optimal solution for any small business.

I'm Willy Beamen, contributor for Bizzmarkblog with 15 years of experience from Sydney, Australia. My work is mostly focused on helping small business owners and local startups to get off the ground and expand.