Latest DevOps Trends in 2021 You Should Know

DevOps is the most demanding technology in the IT industry. According to the DevOps market size will grow from USD 2.90 Billion in 2017 to USD 10.31 Billion in 2023. 

Before going to discuss the latest DevOps trends in 2021, Let’s discuss what DevOps is?

DevOps is a modern approach to software development. It improves or enhances the collaboration between Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) teams. There are two most important DevOps that need fast iterations and automation of practices to offer a better product. 

Adopting DevOps will increase productivity and help deliver higher-quality software as well as increase customer satisfaction, experience, and boost revenue. It boosts up the time-to-time market of an application while concentrating on development. There are many skilled DevOps Engineers, which are contributing to the IT industry, with the use of DevOps certified tools.

Latest DevOps Trends in 2021

Kubernetes Getting Popular:

Kubernetes is a container-based platform that is used to handle container-based services, workloads, deployment, and containerized applications. The demand for Kubernetes has increased rapidly and will increase in the future. It has become an important choice for enterprises to manage software delivery. The reason behind this is to reform cloud-application through container-based microservices. The use of APIs in Kubernetes has increased and there are reductions in the required infrastructure because of the usage of a containerized part of the server in the cloud.

DevSecOps is the New Era for DevOps with High Security

From the beginning, DevSecOps talks about the infrastructure security of the applications. Security is an important part of DevOps. So DevSecOps comes with new data privacy and sharing rules just like GDRP. There will be more rules and regulations in DevSecops and DevOps teams will work on new rules and security. From the beginning, automating security in DevOps will lead to better and secure infrastructure which will save the entire setup from cyber-attacks and threats. It guarantees that software meets every security standard by measuring the integrated security from the beginning or start of the development.

Low Code in DevOps

Low code in DevOps is meant to develop a high-quality application with the least use of coding. It is easy for developers to develop applications with drag and drop components with proper GUI. In coming years, there shall see low code DevOps based on the fundamentals of model-driven design, automated code generation, and visual programming. The combination of DevOps and low code will boost up the process of development with the coordination between teams. It will create a user-friendly interface and tools which allow developers to use the best of technologies tools.

Security as a Primary Feature

Security is the main Important thing in DevOps. In coming years, we will see more involvement of DevOps in security and DevOps will increase security elements on its implementation. Security is the main part of DevOps or you can say that is the main ingredient in the wholesome software process. There will be more security checks at each phase of the software development process including the testing and implementation. Security will be a priority in DevOps in 2021.

Serverless Cloud Computing

Serverless Cloud Computing is also known as a function as a service. It is an important feature component that is getting more popular amongst the DevOps community due to its serverless architecture. The serverless cloud computing technology leaders such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon web services, Microsoft Azure are offering fast deployment, scalability, increase in productivity, and user experience with low cost. This technology will affect the DevOps area in a better way and the coming year shall witness its magic. 

DevOps has a bright future and will show many more new innovative offerings. Organizations adopting DevOps and its trends are sure to enhance their productivity and robust software solutions.

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