IOS Vs Android: Which Is Best For Startups In 2024?

Businesses big, mid-sized or startups, all hinge on apps to thrive in this cutthroat digital age competition. And, to choose between iOS vs Android is a never-ending struggle for entrepreneurs of all walks! Because, the two giants have been hitting the right business and user-centric aspects, uniquely! From thriving in the market and helping businesses and entrepreneurs scale their set up. It is never easy to pick from the best of the best.  

But, but, but for you as a startup we know how things are. You must choose and pick one of the two giants. One that fructifies your initial investment as well as lets you have the shot to hit the spot of scalability and serve your user base aptly. So, while it is not a straight big YES or big NO. We are here with aspects that will make it easy for you to choose between iOS or Android for your mobile first phenomenon. So, let’s get straight into the nitty gritty of it!

Why Choose between iOS vs Android? 

It is said when the Why is clear how it becomes easy. And, here we shall go by that formula. Let’s start with why choosing between iOS and Android app development is important? Technology is now an integral part of human life and humans live by their smartphones. Right from searching, finding a route, binge watching, socially connecting or even ordering food and groceries online, mobile is the first take. And, for the most part, they only take either a platform by Google or by Apple Inc. 

Well, this makes it easy to comprehend that mobile usage is at the peak and there is never a no for that! Now, we know what’s concerning you is whether iOS or Android. But, before we get into the core for that, you need to decode the ‘WHY’? Which goes as under:

  • There are currently around 7.41 billion mobile users. Plus, it is to hit a whopping high of 7.49 billion by 2025. 
  • Also, if we take into account the app revenue market it hit a high of US$420.80bn in 2022. However, the reports suggest that it is to surge up to around US$673.80bn by 2027 alone. 
  • On top of that, did you know that an average human has about 30 apps on their phone? And, not just that, the screen time of an average human is accelerating from min 4 hours to max of 6/7 hours. Now, this is humongous. 
  • Coming to the user the current stats show that Android has a thicker user base with about 3.5 billion users. On the other hand, iOS swims at 1.3 billion users. 

This means that the user base is quite populated and is of course divided between the two giants. But, it is not viable to pick Android just because it has a humongous user base as compared to iOS. Like I said earlier, it’s not about a big Yes or a big No for either.  

It also means that you as a startup owner now know how important it is to choose from anyone. But, to pick and invest in the best OS. You need to run through your core business framework. However, to choose wisely you need to know the core difference between iOS vs Android app development. Because as a startup I know there are tight margins and small investment pools to play around. And adding to that there’s an equal pressure to pitch an app where your users are seated. So, for that dynamic strategic necessity to be in place, tag along.  

What are the key differences between iOS App Development vs Android? 

Tech x Humans are inseparable. They are not like two peas in a pod but certainly are two sides of the same coin. And, where tech is woven into human life seamlessly, it is a non-negotiable necessity and rule for businesses to have an app. And, let me tell you startups are no exception to the rule here. More like a storefront in the traditional markets apps are a storefront for your business in this digital market on smartphones.  

So for your startup to sell products/services like hotcakes, you need an app. Now, that’s there! But, to know on which platform is of key significance. And, to get to the root of it you need to know which is the best platform for your startup. 


It is obvious that for both platforms the development languages differ. For iOS mobile app development services it is Swift and obj-C. For Android, it is Kotlin and Java. However, it is fairly easy and time savvy to develop iOS apps. But, as a startup, you need to take into account what’s important and not what’s easy. Because eventually, the development part depends on the app development company you choose.  


It is a symbiotic dance of innovation where your brand identity and customer connection are built. However, when it comes to Android, the platform is more driven by animation and designs layered with depth and shadow. Whereas, on the other hand, iOS has a more clutter-free, plain, and simple content centric design. Ultimately, it comes down to your business aspect and target audience as a startup.  


We need to get a little technical here as an interface is supremely crucial for any app. In this case, when it comes to Android they have XML for Android and XMB for iOS. However, here the thing is that iOS has a digital supremacy and not just focuses but wins on animated interface. Coming to Android, they are more hardware centric and their interface though uplifting still loses to iOS app development.  

But, remember that visually appealing interfaces make it easy to win user attention. Also, you must make sure that it is easy to navigate for your users. Because visually stellar but difficult to navigate is the worst combination you could ever invest in.  

Device Fragmentation 

An app that runs on multiple devices wins at large. Yes, this is an unspoken rule and this goes for both Android and iOS. Whereas, the amalgamation of software applications running smoothly with the hardware of different devices is the key point. As a startup I know you will be initially opting for an app that works seamlessly on all types of screen sized and devices in general.  

So, with Android, you do get cross device compatibility but it also comes with its efforts. Like added testing and optimization. On the contrary, iOS has a restrictive approach and has comparatively less device fragmentation.  


Customizing apps is quite a hot thing these days. Businesses and startups hop on this to best serve their users with a tailored approach. Furthermore, between iOS app development services and Android, the latter has a wider bandwidth. Whereas, iOS has pretty strict rules and guidelines and there is not much customization window on the iOS platform.  


One can not compromise on security and I know that you are adamant on this as a startup. SO, while choosing a platform you need to check which platform pans out the most security. iOS it is. Yes! While iOS reigns supreme on guidelines and a formatted framework, it also is huge on security. Whereas, coming to Android it is comparatively less secure due to the panoramic device fragmentation etc. 

Development Cost 

As a startup opting for cist savvy platforms stands first. And, if that is the case Android is your go-to platform. I say this because it is not just cost-effective but also easy to access. This means getting an Android app developed is not just easier but cheaper. And, iOS on the other hand might get quite costly for you as a startup to invest in initially.  

Development Time 

As mentioned above, Android takes up more development time as compared to iOS. Because the process for iOS development is quite straightforward and restricted to a few sets of devices. Whereas, when it comes to Android app development service it takes much longer. 


Running quality tests is a no brainer. As a startup you need to make sure if your app is working smoothly and the features are running seamlessly. Also, when it comes to Android the testing process is quite lengthy, complex and time consuming, WHereas with iOS it is quite compact and only to be tested on a given set of devices.  

Releasing Processes 

Everything comes down to releasing the app to the market and the process of course differs amongst the platforms. So, if for your startup you need the app to be released faster I’d suggest choosing Android. With iOS there’s a process where before releasing the app there’s a considerably lengthy reviewing process. 

Having said that, now you know how these platforms are different at the core, technically. Over that, none of these reasons alone should dominate or influence your decision. Because at the core it is the factors like your target audience, business model, etc. Thus for you to have that part covered let me give you the secret sauce to accurate decision making. 

How to Choose between iOS vs Android for your Startup? 

Considering the colossal competitive market, startups are hardwired to have apps as a part of their strategic necessity. But, beyond the technical aspect let’s get onto the core aspects. By this I mean there are a few things to take into consideration before picking a platform. See, picking a platform is not a simple yes or nothing. But, to choose which platform is a matter of a big yes or a small no and vice versa.  

To choose a platform between iOS mobile app development vs Android you need to dive into some core specifics. 

  • Consider your business model
  • Take into account your target audience
  • Analyze which platform is the  most preferred by your audience
  • Take the dynamics like investment bracket, budget and customization requirements if you have any.
  • Further, also consider the development. If you are opting for a faster time to release you now know which platform to choose.  

Is Android the best platform for your Startup?

Well, if you want a device with a diverse presence, then yes it is. Plus, if you are looking for varied appealing designs that are cost-effective. Then android app development service might be your go-to as it also has a faster time to release. Then let me tell you that you as a startup should choose Android as a platform. 

Is iOS the best platform for your startup?

If your startup needs to target a niche audience and does not require a diverse device fragmentation. Then iOS happens to be the best choice for you. Ancillary to that,  in case you do not require any customization attributes and want a clutter free design. Now you know iOS for you. Additionally, the iOS user base tends to have a history of making premium choices if your target market is that. Don’t waste time and straight away get in touch with a veteran app development company.

However, both platforms host dynamic sets of unique technical operabilities, pros, and cost considerations. But, choosing a best fit for your startup comes down to getting into the nitty gritty of the point of differences and a detailed consideration of core aspects. As I mentioned in the beginning it is a never ending struggle. However, with the aspects and detailed explanation in this blog, I believe it will be easier for you to pick one and capitalize on. Further, don’t forget to choose one of the best app development companies because leaving the art to the artist is the most viable path to pick!

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