Inbound Marketing Vs. Content Marketing: Which will drive more traffic?

Have you ever thought the major revolution in the field of marketing?

Well, without any doubt it’s digitization.

Yes, it is.

Whether you are a business owner just starting out or a web developer trying to grasp knowledge on marketing spectrum, it’s best to understand the key differences among the plethora of marketing terminology. In the past years, most of the marketers believed the performance of traditional marketing (like an advertisement in television, billboard, newspaper, etc.) was critical to reaching the targeted audience. This trend is known as an outbound marketing strategy. However, this trend has been changed since few years.

Nowadays, marketers believe in deep analysis, research and modern strategy to get the potential client, and implements different approaches to reach them.

The modern marketing technique includes inbound marketing and content marketing. Although they ascertain distinct meaning and function, they are deeply related to each other. In simple words, we may consider Content marketing as a subset or part of Inbound marketing. Due to their dependency, we cannot bestow overall credit of increasing traffic to only one factor.

However, we’re here to point out a difference between the content marketing and inbound marketing.  So, let’s get into it.

Inbound Marketing

inbound marketing           The fundamental idea of inbound marketing includes conversion of the visitor into the lead followed by promoters through relevant and interactive approaches. To get along with your leads through the period, you need to nurture them either by email marketing or content marketing or social media marketing.

Content Marketing

content marketing

Without any confusion, content marketing purely indicates the creation of quality content to entice the potential customers on the website. It’s all about providing quality, accurate and valuable information to the niche after doing some research or from the personal work experience.

A fresh and quality content exhibits a brand. And the successful content marketing will drive the profitable customer.

Why are they important?

Today, the customers are taking smart moves to find the relevant information via the internet. Thus, a good practice of inbound marketing and content marketing tactics will have a direct impact on the rate of traffic.

Mostly the customer enters the keywords on the search engine. If a keyword from your content matches a searched keyword, then customer browses your website. The most relevant and informative content will engage the customers. Now, the role of inbound marketing begins. This could be to encourage them to subscribe or social media sharing or downloading ebooks, etc.

Either way, your website can get good web traffic, which is a key objective of the website.

How do they differ?

From the above introduction of inbound marketing and content marketing, we hope you get the basic idea.

Inbound Marketing aims to make the content more interesting and engaging such that the visitors are prompted to take certain action. The profitable action that the customer could take maybe a contact form fill up, click on the CTA button like the social media follow button, the social media sharing button, subscription button, buy now button and much more.

On the other hand, content marketing mainly focuses on creating, editing, publishing, and distribution of content that could be fruitful to the potential customer. If your niche finds the good and helpful articles, then s/he will share your content within their network. And this will definitely add a value to the website.

Overall, we say Content Marketing drags the customer to the website for the peculiar keywords. While Inbound Marketing will take a responsibility to convert the landed visitor into a long-term loyal and profitable lead.


From this discussion, we came to know inbound marketing and content marketing are two wheels of the same cart (marketing). Thus, if your strategies could follow them side-by-side, you’ll get a better result.

Author Bio

Amin Ghale is a blogger and a business consultant in small biz web design making healthy traffic gains with online marketing. In his free time, he loves playing guitar and listen to music.

Amin Ghale is a blogger and a business consultant in SmallBiz Web Design making healthy traffic gains with online marketing. In his free time, he loves playing guitar and listen to music.