The Importance Of Communication In Small Enterprises

Communication in companies is the area responsible for interactions and relationships within and outside the organizations. Many small and mid-sized entrepreneurs still make the mistake of underestimating the importance of company phone systems to the success of their business. Neglecting this sector creates problems for the small companies that could easily be avoided with simple and planned actions.

It is important to keep in mind that good communication within the company is not only established from the board of directors to the public. Communication networks must have a relational character, defining all the elements as emitters and receivers of the communication process. In this way, it is fundamental to see each member of a company as an active participant in this system.

Internal communication in small businesses

Suppose a customer contacts a company looking for a particular service, which is not yet offered by this company, but will be offered shortly. If the person or sector responsible for the service does not have this knowledge, the company may lose a future client and run the risk of having its image negatively affected. This is just a practical example where well-structured communication within the company could easily prevent a loss to the business.

Well-deployed office telephone systems within a company not only avoids mistakes, but facilitates decision-making and speeds up processes. A medium or small company enables direct interaction between employees, since there is more face-to-face contact between people. The proximity is also made possible by the smallest number of departments, sectors and employees. For this purpose, it is highly recommended to use PBX Phones.

The importance of good internal communication

Good communication integrates employees, collaborates for organizational development and is intrinsically linked to the credibility and image of the company. In smaller companies, it is common for internal communication to be exercised naturally by management, without receiving due importance and attention.

Reduced communication noise

Well-deployed PABX telephones in Dubai, within a company avoids the excess of communication noises, that is, the parallel conversations, rumors, and rumors created and scattered within the organization.

In medium and small companies the cost of good company phone systems is lower than in large ones, since the number of employees is also lower. The approach of management and employees, ensuring the communicative space for all, avoids mistakes that would be caused by lack of understanding among the elements.


Another important point gained with good internal communication is the training and qualification of the professional. Through meetings, memos, and simple reminders, an organization can greatly improve important aspects such as customer service.

Image and credibility

Employees who do not deal directly with the public need to be able to represent the company in any situation, especially within the community. Hence, office telephone systems make it easy the way with which opinions and messages are shared and distributed over the company. Moreover, PBX Phones by PBX Systems enhance this aspect of internal communication.

Investing in small business communication

The investment in communication within a company depends on the size and needs of the organization. It is desirable that at least one qualified professional be responsible for this sector, but there are practical and simple actions that can be taken to improve the internal communication of a company. Such as PBX Systems are the best suppliers of PABX telephones in Dubai.


Understanding the importance of communication in companies is key to driving the success of any business. Simple investments in this area can make all the difference in medium and small businesses.

David J. is a business analyst for unified communication after working on several projects he has been serving in the field of Telecommunication and helping small businesses to grow further by choosing right Phone PBX Systems for their offices.