How to Use a Character Counter

When you are typing up a poignant tweet, adding that heartfelt caption to your remarkable Instagram photo, or creating an engaging Facebook status for yourself, do yourself a favour…use a character counter.

You may be wondering how many characters you can add when you are putting together a social media ad to attract customers, readers, or visitors to your website. Stop all the guessing games and put your professional game face on by knowing how to use a character counter to save you the trouble of randomly overwriting.

The Basics for Character Counter Users

When you want to know the word and character counts associated with your writing, all you need to do is just copy and paste your text into the 100% free online character counter tool. To avoid this step completely and still get your character counts and word counts, you can write directly into the text box area itself. This enables the tool to hammer out your character count now instead of later.

Social media platforms pay close attention to the wants and needs of their users to keep them happy and coming back for more. This means that features such as character limits for writing on Twitter eventually got doubled from 140 characters per tweet to 280 characters per tweet.

Chances are more than certain that you don’t work for all of these social media companies. So, you aren’t always going to have the inside scoop on what the current character counts are for Instagram, Linkedin, and all the rest.

New Character Limitations Are Coming

Imagine if you were able to write your tweets and your Facebook posts at the ideal length to increase the chances that people will not only read them, but actually respond to them with feedback and comments.

Speaking of comments, they along with Reddit titles, eBay titles, eBay descriptions, text messages (SMS), Yelp reviews, and Google review are on their way to having character limitations as well.

Having the knowledge of what these limits are and knowing when you are getting a little bit too close to the end of them will assist you in having your text fit properly way before you find yourself having to rewrite all of those golden gems that you spent the whole morning writing and rewriting.

Several Social Media Character Limits 

If you are even slightly curious as to just how important character limitations are on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube, take a glance at these numbers before the next time you sit down to craft up a post that you are going to blast out to all of your avid followers. 


  • Facebook Post: 63,206 Characters 
  • Facebook Image Ad Text: 90 Characters
  • Facebook Image Ad Headline: 40 Characters
  • Facebook Ad Link Description: 20 Characters


  • Instagram Caption: 2,200 Characters 
  • Instagram Bio: 150 Characters
  • Instagram Hashtags: 30 Characters
  • Instagram Username: 30 Characters


  • Linkedin Publishing Content: 120,000 Characters 
  • Linkedin About Us/Summary: 2,000 Characters 
  • Linkedin Employee Testimonial: 400 Characters
  • Linkedin Company Leaders Headline: 150 Characters


  • Pinterest Profile Name: 20 Characters 
  • Pinterest Board Description: 500 Characters
  • Pinterest Pin Description: 500 Characters
  • Pinterest Bio: 160 Characters


  • Twitter Tweet: 280 Characters
  • Twitter Characters
  • Twitter Characters
  • Twitter Direct Message: 10,000 Characters


  • YouTube Video Description: 5000 Characters
  • YouTube Video Title: 70 Characters
  • YouTube Playlist Title: 60 Characters
  • YouTube Tags: 30 Characters Per Tag and 500 Characters Total

Knowing how to use a character counter saves you time when you are zoomed in on your writing and can’t step outside of tunnel vision when your thoughts are flowing through your fingers to the keyboard.

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