How to Search for the Best Keywords for SEO?

Indeed digital marketing is an important aspect for any organization. You need to take training from the digital marketing training in order to score high rank for you website. Apart from this, the usage of following tools can help you to perform better in the world of SEO.


This tool works for Keyword research for SEO pros. It is considered as a Swiss Army Knife of keyword research tools.

Similar to any other keyword tool, you provide SECockpit a seed keyword… and in return, you receive a list of results.However, what makes SECockpit different is the built-in features that enable you to get A LOT of extent on search trends, organic competition, including traffic estimates.Which implies that it’s a tool primarily designed for SEO professionals. Certainly, newbies can obtain value out of it, yet there’s no uncertainty that SECockpit is targeted for people that sleep, eat, moreover breathe SEO.


If you are brand new to SEO, the sheer amount of features in this tool might be overwhelming for you. Although if you’re looking for lots and lots of depth, you will seemingly get your money’s worth. With that, here’s how it operates. When you log in, you’ll automatically go to your Dashboard, where you can design projects around sets of keywords…either jump right in with a single keyword search.

To begin the keyword research method, click on “Start a Keyword Search” on the Dashboard of this tool. Then, you need to enter a seed keyword in the area marked as “Keyword Phrase.”You can see even more results by electing to add Google Suggest, Related Searches, including synonyms extracted from Google Ads. When you are done with this, then click on “save and close” further the tool will start to work.

Here’s what you’ll notice:

If you have ever practiced the Google Keyword Planner, the data here should look forward to you. The columns “Phrase,” “Monthly Searches,” also “CPC” are pulled directly of the GKP. The exclusive difference is that CPC is named as “Top of page bid” in the GKP. Therefore what does the other data in SECockpit mean? Well, you’ll see a bunch of green bars under the column named as “Niche.” This bar is a single metric that takes into account first-page competition, monthly search volume, also commercial intent. In different words, whether or not that search query is an excellent overall selection. The longer the bar, the better the keyword.Next, to monthly searches, you will notice a series of orange bars marked as “Top Results.”

This bar indicates the challenge of ranking for that appropriate keyword based on the ideal top 10 results.Also, you can notice a SUPER in-depth overview of a keyword’s first-page match in Google by clicking on a keyword.When you do, SECockpit will reveal significant competition metrics for the top 10 pages in the result  including Domain Authority also total backlinks:

SECockpit Competition metrics is a great way to instantly size up competition without having to examine one-by-one at Google’s search outcomes.Furthermore, you go back to the keywords page; you can join at least 20 more columns to the results.For instance, you can view a ratio of the keyword’s competition in connection to its search volume. Instead, you can get a comparison of the predicted traffic you will get from hitting the first 3 for that keyword. Plus lots more.

The best Feature in this tool is Filtering. You can practice over 100 filters to see the keywords that you want. For instance, do you only need keywords that get examined for at least 10k times per month? Approximately maybe you need terms that have the best ratio of search volume and competition. You discerned it. Definitely. If you want loads of advanced features moreover don’t mind a steep learning curve, undoubtedly check out SECockpit.

Moz Keyword Explorer

This tool is used to Find keywords that will produce the most traffic. It does an excellent job of finding “lateral” keyword approaches. For instance, take a seed keyword such as “weight loss.”

Similar to the working of other SEO tools, you receive a list of similarly related keywords. However, what executes Moz unique is that it’s Intelligent. It means you understand outside-the-box ideas that you apparently won’t find everywhere else. “Organic CTR” also “Priority” can be counted as it’s USP.

Moz Keyword Explorer

These 2 excellent features let you know how many clicks you can anticipate getting from your target keyword. Organic CTR is the count of clicks you can foresee to get in case you crack the top 10. Priority demands into account CTR, search volume, including difficulty. It is the “overall” score of whether or not you should target an appropriate keyword.

Consequently, if you’re surprised by keyword data, you can practice this single metric to find keywords that are working to bring you the most traffic of Google.

This tool is pretty darn excellent. Regrettably, it’s not a standalone tool for which you have to spend for their entire suite of SEO tools to practice it.

Keywords Everywhere

 Make search volume (including more) wherever you go. It is a free keyword research tool that performs keyword data on top of 10 websites, …including  Amazon,eBay, and Answer The Public.

That means you don’t require to copy and paste keywords into the Google Keyword Planner. The information shows up in your Chrome browser. The most attractive feature of this tool is “People Also Search For”.

Keywords Everywhere

Obtain a list of keywords associated with your search term… in the Google search outcomes.

What’s cool regarding this feature is that you can find keywords that your target consumer searches for when they are not seeking for what you sell.

For instance, when I hunt for “SEO Tools,” I see terms such as “Google Keyword Planner SEO” also “Free SEO analysis”. If you’re serious about keyword research, you Require to install this extension.

So, what are you waiting for? Use these tools to boost up the digital marketing of your product and increase sales. To learn more about these tools, you can check out the training for digital marketing course fee in Delhi.

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