How to Pick A Perfect Case to Protect Your Smartphone from Daily Wear & Tear

When you can spend hundreds of dollars on the latest mobile phones, why is it so hard to invest a few more in a robust and protective case to ensure the safety of your device?

A smartphone works all day around as your true companion serving all your requirements without a wimp until the point- it slips out your hands tripping badly on the stone pavements, or gets playfully thrown on the floor by your inquisitive toddler, shattering the screen in the process, or worse, accidentally falls out of your pocket and lands directly into the toilet. All these and more are fairly common scenarios encountered in our day to day living. And, not having the protection of high-quality and robust iPhone, Motorola or Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases, leave your phones at the mercy of the God.

With the advancement in technology, tougher mobile phones models have hit the market- some of them are advertised as waterproof while others have an improved construction mechanism to handle and absorb the impacts. However, the majority of them are not robust enough to survive a deadly fall and come out unscathed in the process. Hence, it is always wise to keep your phones securely encased in protective covers for their optimum safety.

While you head out to buy the best protective case for your mobile device, the following points can help you make the right choice.

Research your options well: Going through the feedback and reviews of the fellow users can help you greatly. You may visit the forums where the cases are extensively discussed with photo posts. Even if you cannot find the review for a specific phone model cover, you can still take a cue or two from the reviews of the other variants from the same manufacturer.

Many low-quality phone cases are marred with the problems like inaccurate cuts, missing port cut out, stiff button covers, camera flash reflections etc. to name a few- Watch out carefully for these before making an investment.

Also, if you are using wireless charging in your Galaxy S5 then obviously you would want to dock your smartphone without removing the cover- Check with the manufacturer, if the Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases have the requisite features to cover your requirement.

Case to Protect Your Smartphone

Shop on the basis of features: There could be certain features which you might want to be a part of your mobile phone case. For example, some of you might feel a need for a kickstand which can pop out of the back.

Make a list of these addons before you head out to buy.

Level of protection: You can decide the sturdiness of your mobile phone case on the basis of your previous experience in phone handling. If you are the one with buttery hands then without much thought, go with the highest level of protection for the optimum safety of your mobile device.

If that is not the case however, then you can settle with the basic protection which can save your device from the occasional nicks and scratches.

Also bear in mind that as the level of protection goes up, the bulkiness and weight will too add up proportionately.

A word on the rugged cases: Rugged cases are in fact great option to consider for those who specifically want the sturdy looks as well as the best protection possible for their phones.

The case has got the air pockets and fortified corners which considerably enhance the protection factor but then they add on the bulk and weight in the process too. Rugged cases are known to provide complete protection by covering the buttons and the screen as well- This can lead to the decrease in the button sensitivity though while operating the phone.

Tough Combination Cases: If you are looking for iPhone XS covers or Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases which are tough enough to withstand a fall, but aren’t that bulky to carry around then you may check out the standard cases which are built with the combination materials.

The most popular options have a polycarbonate outer layer which is attached by a soft silicone from the inside. You might also look out for a military drop certification to buy the one with the maximum protection.

Basic Cases: If you are the one who can’t afford to veil the beauty of your phone or simply can’t withstand the bulkiness that comes with the phone covers then slim cases are just for you. They are not very costly and can easily save your device from minor nicks and scratches on the go.

Whether you are looking for the Apple, LG, Motorola or Samsung Galaxy S5 Cases, it is paramount that you do your research well while keeping your requirements in the forefront- this will help you zero in your perfect choice soon.

James S. Dalton is a blogger working from more than 5 years. His Blogs mainly focus on mobiles accessories.