How to Change PDF Security Settings on Mac

The Benefit of having password-encrypted PDF files is that users or owners can control whom to share the file or not to the appointed person. Limiting the access of files helps to prevent the data from cyber breaches or to maintain information security. But on the other hand, what if the users want to change PDF security settings on Mac.

In this blog, I am here to elaborate on some methods of how to change the security settings on a PDF on Mac for decrypting it. It will help you out to share the file information with anyone.  First, we will discuss reasons and then will be followed by some methods to change the Mac PDF security.

Reasons to Change PDF Permissions on Mac

Most of the users change their passwords after sharing the files with the appointed person to maintain the decorum of the security. But continuous changing of the passwords can make users forget the previous passwords. Nowadays remembering every single password of any particular Mac PDF file is a big hassle, especially when the users want to share some important files with the allocated person, which leads to loss of password information in a hurry. These are the reasons why users need to Change the PDF Password setting Mac.

Manual Method to Modify a Protected PDF File

If the user has decided to change PDF security settings on Mac from an existing password-protected file. Then users have at least the password of the particular PDF file. Basically decrypting the encrypted PDF files on mac is not an easy task for every individual. 

If things are ready we can go for some methods on how to Change the Security Settings on a PDF file. 

Let’s discuss some of the methods that are followed and the procedure that should be followed step by step.

How to Modify a Protected PDF Document

  1. Click right on the PDF Protected file, select Open With followed by Preview(default).
  1. This option will prompt users to enter the password of the PDF files.
  1. Once the users are in a File menu click on Export.
  1. Now, In the Export as field users can put their custom name or rename the Output file accordingly and can save the file on the desired location. After that Uncheck the Encrypt Option.
  1. Lastly, the user just needs to click on the Save menu to have the output of the file.

The new Mac PDF file which the user has created is an exact copy of the Password encrypted PDF file. Now, this file can be shared with anyone whom the owners want, as it’s no longer a password-protected PDF file for Mac. But to change PDF security settings online, users have to face some limitations.

Limitation on change of Mac PDF Security Settings

Some of the basic limitations that users have to face after decrypting the password-protected PDF files for mac by using manual methods. It may lead to loss of integrity of data and users cannot download the attachments along with it. This leads to a loss of data. Changing security using the manual method is always a problem and a time-consuming method, sometimes it requires good prior technical knowledge to perform the activity to change PDF security on Mac. Therefore, most of the users prefer to bend on a better approach to change PDF permissions for Mac to maintain the data hierarchy.

To overcome or avoid such types of restrictions users generally prefer to opt for a professional PDF Unlocker tool, as it gives more security to the PDF files. Professional tools maintain data integrity by avoiding the loss of data. It saves lots and time and doesn’t require any kind of prior technical knowledge to run the tool.

Wrap Up

In the above all phrases we have mentioned the nifty tricks and methods to change the PDF Security on Mac. Every step is detailed step by step which is easy to read and can be followed by any kind of user. Some reasons and limitations on removing the security of PDF files. In this article, it is also mentioned why users need to switch or opt for professional methods to change PDF security settings and so on. I hope this blog has reached your optimum level of satisfaction and reached your perception, Thanking you for your patience in reading.

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