How to Become Certified Blockchain Architect in 2021?

With more than half of global organizations perceiving blockchain as a strategic priority, the importance of blockchain is not negligible. Blockchain certifications are in high demand and individuals aspiring to become certified blockchain professional could choose one of the top blockchain certifications. Furthermore, the global expenses on blockchain solutions would reach around $11.7 billion by 2022. Therefore, it is quite reasonable to look for career opportunities in the role of certified blockchain architect.

How to Become a Blockchain Solutions Architect?

Blockchain architects are the trusted resource for developing the basic design of blockchain solutions with desired functionalities. So, what can help you become a professional blockchain architect? You can find the answer in blockchain solutions architect certification offered by many platforms. However, the CEBA certification on 101 Blockchains can be the ideal choice to pursue the role of a blockchain solutions architect.

Although the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect or CEBA certification on 101 Blockchains is a trustworthy option, what do you know about it? The certification is not only helpful for proving your skills as a blockchain architect but also developing industry expertise for same. The CEBA certification is unique because of the facility of a training course specifically to ensure preparations for the exam.

Who Can Take the CEBA Certification Exam?

The value of CEBA certification on 101 Blockchains is clearly visible for different types of professionals. Here are some of the notable benefits for different target audience for the CEBA certification.

  1. Software architects and engineers could develop the skills of a certified blockchain architect to optimize software solutions.
  2. Software developers and IT managers could reflect on the possibilities of leveraging blockchain to improve solution quality.
  3. Enterprise and cloud architects can use the CEBA certification to develop the skills required for using the power of blockchain on cloud platforms.
  4. CIOs and IT managers can develop promising expertise in management of information technology infrastructures with blockchain functionalities.
  5. IT sales executives and pre-sales engineers could learn about the marketable aspects of a blockchain solution and improve sales performance.
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Best Way to Achieve the Blockchain Solutions Architect Certification

So, what are the possible ways for you to earn the blockchain solutions architect certification? Here are some of the pointers that can help you make your way towards the CEBA credential.

#1 Know the Exam Thoroughly

First of all, you must review all the exam details carefully, such as the domains covered in the exam. In addition, you should also develop a clear impression of the different subtopics covered in each domain. As a result, you can know what you have to study in order to prepare for the exam.

#2 Use the 101 Blockchains Training Course

The next step in your preparation to become a certified blockchain architect is the commitment to certification training course. The 101 Blockchains training course for CEBA certification gives you the perfect platform for developing skills and knowledge required for all exam objectives.

#3 Practice Consistently

Candidates should also emphasize the necessity of reinforcing their learning from the certification training course. You could depend on the interactive exercises in the training course for refreshing your memory of everything you learned. Furthermore, you should also depend on practice tests to help you develop your fluency to appear for the certification exam with confidence.

#4 Set Goals

Most important of all, you have to set a clear goal for pursuing your career in blockchain in your preparations. In addition, you must also maintain accountability for achieving different milestones associated with your goals.


On a final note, the different alternatives for becoming a blockchain solutions architect always fall short when compared to certifications. A blockchain solutions architect certification presents solid proof of your skills to address the requirements of a solution architect. 101 Blockchains offers comprehensive certification for aspiring blockchain architects with the CEBA certification.

In the long run, a certification like CEBA could help you achieve better opportunities for professional development. The certification helps you attract the attention of employers easily and help you communicate the value you can bring to enterprises. Go ahead and register for the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification on 101 Blockchains right now! 

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