How Technology Can Help Taxi Businesses Grow By Leaps And Bounds?

The mobile apps are the next frontier of taxi businesses that help in growing, engaging and retaining the customers, and thus the bottom line. But, simply, the taxi management software development won’t automatically bring in the customers to the company and also, the likelihood of earning high profits will be least. What does it hinting at?

It signals building an online taxi booking system is not enough, instead, there is a dire need of strengthening the taxi business with a strong marketing strategy.

In the digital universe, just the way mobile technology has raised the bar of taxi businesses with seamless taxi booking, taxi dispatch, taxi management, and customer support, similarly, the innovative technology can be leveraged to enhance the digital presence of taxi business amidst fierce competition.

In a nutshell, the technology-driven taxi business that offers everything to the customers through taxi solution in a palm-sized smartphone, the same device can be used to bring the business at the forefront. There are a couple of online marketing tactics to increase customer outreach, improve brand awareness, and prosper taxi business. Let’s dive in:

Targeted advertising

The print media, print display, billboards, or digital display are no longer effective mediums to extend the business reach in every nook and corner of the world.

The best way is to start with ad campaigns across the channels where the target audience mostly hang out. The most likely is Google AdWords and PPC campaigns to get optimum traffic. But, running these targeted campaigns require the expertise, experience, and hundreds of dollars investment.

Besides, social media ads are also powerful in gaining major user traction without spending huge bucks. For instance, after the creation of Facebook page of taxi app, you can make a Facebook ad of taxi application for the audience of a specific region using Facebook Power Editor, which helps in promoting the Facebook page at a small budget.

Leverage Social power

Undoubtedly, the social media pages work great in enhancing the brand awareness because the users end up browsing the page may not necessarily download the app, but they wind up liking the page which increases the taxi app visibility on the social channels.

Further, integration of Facebook SDK in taxi applications enable the tracking of different events such as app installs, app launches and app visits, which helps in gaining rich insights to bring changes into the marketing strategy.

Offer personalized deals

Free stuff attracts every one of us. Nothing is better than sending exclusive deals, promotional coupons, or discounted ride-related offers to the customers to grab their attention. The generic deals can be published on social business pages which helps in catching eyeballs and spreading good word-of-mouth.

Going ahead, these rewards can be made special and offer real value when they are customized to customer’s preferences and trips booking history and sent to the customers via email or messages.

Reward the customers for choosing your taxi service with special promo codes and enable them to share the offers squarely through the app, which in turn, augment the taxi app presence in the digitally-connected world.

In-app referrals

The customers give more credence to the suggestions given by their friends, family members and colleagues. The taxi business can make a big advantage of this mindset by launching an in-app referral program where the existing customers are rewarded for inviting a friend to download the app and take a ride. The deals will gear up the existing customer to take a ride and the new users to give a try to the taxi service.

It’s a cost-effective marketing tool which lowers down the cost of new user acquisition and existing user retention. Employ the outstanding hack that fuels up the app installation rate and build an army of the loyal fanbase.

Online reviews and ratings

The customer’s feedback for every ride makes the new customers aware of the experience they likely to have, prior to taxi booking. The customers’ reviews must be taken seriously by the taxi businesses to fix the issues and then follow-up the customers to inform them that issues are fixed.

There are two advantages of this strategy, at first, it makes the customers feel special and leads to re-engagement. Second, the customer when posts the complete story on social channels, the whole world will see that how much taxi company care about the customers, pay heed to their feedback, and make efforts to better the services and convince the customers.

Conclusively, go with the tip- “When you care about the customers, they will care about your business,” to promote your business by utilizing the feedback provided by them.

AI chatbot integration

Presently, the voice-based assistants like- Siri, Google Now, or Alexa are becoming an integral part of the lives.

Understanding the market trends and customers needs, when the AI chatbots are implemented in the taxi application that allows the customers to book a ride, check driver details, cancel booking, find fares, or provide the feedback, it certainly delights the customers as they are getting everything not at the fingertips, but at the voice commands. It also makes the taxi app popular among the tech-savvy users and they like to prefer the taxi services of such companies over others.

Plus, at the reduced cost, the AI chatbots understand the customers’ requirements and provide the best solution in the minimum time which makes the customers realize that they are considering the taxi services which stay sync with the latest technology.

Two benefits the AI chatbot will bring- enable the taxi business to outdo the competition and promote the taxi services at diminished customer support cost.

Mushahid Khatri is a solution consultant at Yelowsoft, one of the leading Taxi Booking app development company in 2011. It is known for developing Taxi Dispatch Software and Taxi Booking System of unmatched quality. He believes in sharing his strong knowledge base with learned concentration on entrepreneurship and business.