How Does Google My Business Help in Business Success

Have you noticed how the results of your online search queries are always based on your current location? These are called local searches. And from the point of view of business, they are critically important. They are significant to your exposure and allow customers to give reviews on your business. This is true for any and every business. Whether your business is solely online like Frontier Phone and Internet or, you have physical stores too in addition to the website. For all those who want to make their business information more accessible to their customers, Google My Business is a great tool. It is known as Google Places too.

It makes your business information easily accessible. This includes such as contact information, active hours, directions, and so on. And they can access it on multiple devices. If you haven’t given it a try as yet you really should. Your business has to be listed on Google My Business if you want to have greater exposure in a local search. A working and complete Google My Business page can augment the success of your offline and online operations. Just make sure that your Google page has authentic info and it is completely filled and optimized. Only then, you will be able to have the best results. And guess what! The tool is Free!

Let’s know how you can stay on top of your business game using GMB or Google My Business. read on to know how your GMB profile can leverage the power of Google into growing your business!

What is Google Places/GMB/ Google My Business?

Let’s know a few basics, to begin with. It is a free tool from Google. It allows users to gain better exposure and visibility. This makes it easier and convenient for your prospective customers to readily see if you are able to meet their requirements. This doesn’t involve clicking through your official website. Therefore, you may witness a decline in the traffic to your website. That’s essential because customers prefer to skip that step and head straight to your business.

Setting up Your Profile on Google My Business

Ensure that your profile on Google My Business is accurate and complete. You essentially need to provide information in the following sections.

  • Active hours or hours of operation
  • Type/category
  • Website
  • Contact information
  • Location
  • Reviews
  • Photos
  • Photos

Make sure you make your GMB profile as useful as you can.

How to Make Your Profile at Google My Business Engaging?

Once you complete your profile on Google My Business, it’s time to start posting. You need to keep it active and engaging with relevant content. Following are some suggestion for your postings on GMB:


  • Provide variety in what you publish. Come up with a mix of industry-related news, blog posts, announcements, business promotions, and upcoming events. Don’t be monotonous. Keep them engaged
  • Incorporate one of the buttons for call-to-action that Google provides. Link it to your page to make it easier for people to click
  • To make your content more relatable, use one or two emojis in your posts. It will also reflect your brand persona
  • Make sure you post once a week at least. Posts at GMB expire in seven days. Therefore, make sure you have an active post on your business profile
  • Add photos. Visuals and images always make the content more engaging and catchy. To increase its appeal, consider it a mandatory practice in all your posts
  • Incorporate video content. According to a survey, around 52% of customers are more comfortable at purchasing any product after they watch a video. You have a 30-second limit for video posts on Google My Business. You can use them in creative ways to post teasers, reviews, tutorials. Quick tips, BTS (behind the scenes) of your campaigns and so on. These can escalate the interest of your customers immensely


  • Avoid hashtags. Hashtags can be great on social media and other online forums. But they are of no benefit on GMB. Since GMB is all about making your searchable, hashtags are not useful. Because you can’t search for them. also, you don’t want to give up on the valuable space by inserting a useless hashtag
  • Don’t create monotonous, long, and boring posts. At GMB, the character limit is around 1500. It’s the first hundred characters that appear on the listing though. So, you need to make your point effectively and quickly
  •  Avoid using fancy jargon and focus on writing in a language that your audience easily understand
  • Don’t include many promotions in one post, this will only confuse and overwhelm your audience

Monitor Your Google Listing

Google My Business is ever evolving. So, to gain exposure and success in your business, you should make adjustments readily. Take advantage of one of the most useful and powerful elements of your GMB. And that’s the reviews section. Many surveys indicate that people highly trust online reviews and personal recommendations. Therefore, make it a regular practice to monitor your reviews.

Also, make sure that you address both negative as well as positive reviews. You want to make your customers feel valued and heard. Frontier has a very active GMB profile. They ensure that they update all the info regarding Frontier Internet packages as well as TV plans. Their review section is also well-addressed.

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