How an Android Developer Can Help With the Latest Mobile App Development Trends

Having a mobile application to engage the customers of your business is essential these days. With the staggering growth of mobile users, it is wise to formulate strategies to make the best use of mobile technologies for business growth. The recent studies show that businesses that hire android developers for building mobile apps can achieve up to 25% growth in the first year of the implementation. 

Building a mobile app capable of accommodating the latest trends is also vital. An android app development company can help you identify and integrate the latest development trends for maximum success. Your revenues will rise because you are using an app packed with features and functionalities loved by the users. Today we will discuss the latest trends you need to follow while developing an android app for business. 

Before we start with it, let’s find out what your business misses without an app following the latest industry trends.

With the introduction of new technology the preferences of the users also change. Nobody imagined digital payments a few years back but now they are the essence of online businesses. Your business can suffer following drawbacks in the absence of an app featuring the latest trends:-

  • Your android apps should adapt to the latest technology changes in the industry. You can suffer the loss of users due to accessibility on the trending platforms.
  • When your users start migrating to modern options, you can suffer the loss of revenues due to the inability to serve users with such features.
  • Your competitors can win your customers, by offering better buying and user experiences on their platforms.
  • The apps that don’t use trending security features are vulnerable to emerging cyber threats.
  • Without the latest features and functionalities, you can’t engage your customers well thus resulting in low conversions.

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By deciding to hire android developer from an Android app development company, you can ensure the following features and functionalities:-


Application Performance Management (APM) and Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) are among the most trending elements for developing an android app for business. It is aimed to overcome the problem of slow app loading speed. These elements can enable you to offer safe and secure applications to gain user trust and also facilitate the efficient transfer of data on different devices.


The IoT segment is growing at a rapid pace. You can notice the popularity of connected devices such as smartwatches, smart home assistants, and security systems. Google offers an IoT platform that can be integrated with your app using the services of an android app development company. It helps your applications to communicate with different devices manufactured by different companies.

5G Technology

We all know that many countries have already introduced 5G technology for the general public. With a speed of up to 100GB per second, your apps may fail to perform well on it. You should hire an android developer who can help you optimize the app for the best performance on 5G devices.

 If your app fails to perform well, your users may leave your applications due to sluggy speed. An Android app development company can help you add features and functionalities to improve the performance of businesses with 5G compatibility.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is also a popular concept these days, and every business app and many online stores are working to integrate it as a payment option. Many of them had already started using it. You should integrate blockchain payment options to ensure a safe payment environment. The highest safety standards and elimination of risks of user’s data compromises are making this technology a commendable choice. 

Touchless UI

It is yet another fast-growing trend in android app development. It is one of the most innovative approaches that let users use the app without even touching their screens. Touchless UI works on voice and gesture recognition and can help you make your android app intuitive and engaging to the next level.

Chatbots/assistant integration

The use of chatbots and assistants is gaining significant popularity in apps for every industry vertical. They are emerging as a popular method to ease the customer journey while buying products and services. By deciding to hire an android developer, you can integrate these trending features for the best benefit of the users.

AI/ML integration

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are helping to build unthinkable products for the digital industry. These technologies help automate, test, deploy and monitor the applications for varied businesses. You can hire an android app development company to help you make the best use of AI and ML for winning features.

These are some of the latest trends that every progressive business app should follow to get concrete success in the industry. If you are planning to introduce your business app, take guidance from a reputed android app development company to make your app future-proof.


Hire android developer with enough experience and expertise in building the business app that accommodates all essential trends to consider. Failure to do so can prove fatal for the success of your application and business as a whole.

Gaurav Sharma is a Digital Marketing Strategist who has 5 years of experience at The Brihaspati Infotech. He likes to explore his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest technologies. He also participates in various online threads to share his knowledge.