Hiring Restaurant App Development Company? Here is what you should know

In the today’s digital world, only the website traffic is not enough to promote the restaurant business. One additional thing that you need to boost your sale is the mobile application. In this article, we will explain the important things that you should consider before hiring a restaurant app development company.

Search for the mandatory features for a restaurant app

Search on the internet to find the necessary features that every restaurant app should have. Research and compare the services offered by the different restaurant app development companies. For your convenience, we have added some of the features that every restaurant app needs.

Push Notifications

How do your customers know about the deals of the day? Push notification is one of the essential features that you should keep in consideration while developing a restaurant app. This feature lets your customers know about the offer of the day and boosts your sale.

Customer Referral Program

Most of the restaurants provide refer and earn facility to their customers. This is a smart trick to increase the popularity of the app. You can set the referral award for your customers as per your choice. For example, you can offer them some amount for each referral or a gift voucher.

While contacting the company, do not forget to ask how much they charge for adding these features to the app. Also, search for the best restaurant app development companies on the internet and compare their charges. Different app development companies charge different amount to include the same features. This will help you in selecting the best company at an affordable price.

Prepare a list of questions:

This is the second step to find the best restaurant app development company. After searching on the internet for the essential features, prepare a list of all your doubts. Do not forget to include the technical questions and some fundamental questions. We have included some of the questions to give you an idea. Have a look:

  • The cost of development on different platforms

The cost of development of an app depends on multiple factors, platform is one of them. Ask the company for the development charges for different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows.

  • Cross-Platform App Development

The mobile operating system is the foremost thing to consider for the development of an app. If your budget is low, you can target app for a particular OS. However, in this case, you should have the proper knowledge of the geographical regions. For example, Android operating system enjoys more share as compared to that of the iOS in developing countries. However, if we talk about the iOS, it is more preferred to Android in developed countries like the US.

If your budget is reasonable, you should go for the cross-platform app development. Cross-platform app development is a technique of developing an app that supports multiple platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows.

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  • Types of charges

Generally, there are two types of charges, namely, hourly charges and fixed price. Ask the company for the fee structure, i.e., whether it charges per hour fee or has a fixed price structure. Write down the fee structure in a separate notebook of every company you contact and analyse it. After a proper analysis of the fee structure, select the company having most solid plans. Now, decide which plan suits you the best as per your budget (hourly price or fixed price). Also, ask the company if there any hidden charges.

  • Time taken to complete the project?

The time for app development is another critical factor. Ask the company for the maximum time it will take to complete the project. Besides this, you can also tell the company the deadline for the completion of the project.

Some important points to consider when hiring a restaurant app development company:

  • Restaurant app maintenance charges

Maintenance charge is the most crucial point that you should consider. After the release of the app, it may be possible that some features of the app will not work correctly. For instance, the app crashes every time you search for a particular meal.

Select the mobile app development company that provides free maintenance of app for a specified period.

  • Customer complaints/reviews

Customer reviews play an important role in making the reputation of a company. Spend some time on the internet and search is there any bad reviews submitted by the users? In addition to that, also look for how many complaints the company had solved.

  • Expertise

Experience matters. Prefer the company with more experienced staff as compared to the newly opened firms.

  • Customer Service

The customer service is also an essential factor to hire an apps development company. Select the company the customer service of which is transparent. You can also search on the internet if any of the customers filed complaints against the company.

Here are some points that you should consider in this regard:

  1. 24 x 7 customer service: Search whether the company provides 24 x 7 customer support or not.
  2. Charges for customer support: Some companies charges for providing the customer support. Whereas, some offer customer support free of cost.
  3. The experience of the customer support team is another important factor which you should consider. Check how experienced the customer support team of the company is.
  4. Customer reviews: Customer reviews are the best thing which tells about how reliable the customer service is. Search on the internet and find what customers say about the service of the company. If the company has posted the customer reviews on its website, it is a plus point to that company.


Before hiring any company for restaurant app development, proper research on the internet is mandatory. By comparing the user reviews and the services they offer, we can select the best of them.
Mobile apps are one of the essential pillars to support any business. That’s why, today, every firm is targeting to build a mobile application. In the market, there are many firms available that provide mobile app development service. However, how to select the best of them is what we have explained in the article.

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