Guest Posts & How They Can Help Your Business Grow

Chances are, if you’ve been using the internet for any extended period of time, you’ve run into a plethora of guest posts. Guest posts are often sneered at as unneeded if you’ve got your own writers, however we’re here to show you that they aren’t, and that in fact, guest posts are one of the best marketing devices available.

Offering Them Makes You More Authoritative

Studies have shown that blogs that have multiple authors listed on are seen as much more credible. In fact, almost 63% of your audience thinks this, and if you can rise in your audience’s eyes, then your blog is doing its job remarkably.

In addition to this, it diversifies the writing styles found on your blog, and since different styles appeal to different people, you’ll be able to connect with more parts of your audience.

Ordering Lets You Focus On The Business; Not The Blog

Another appeal of guest posting is that it lets you divert your focus from making engaging content, and onto making a good business. You can let the guest poster handle the content while you simply kick back, relax, and let the visitors and clients roll into your site. This is also helpful if you cannot afford a full-time writer for your site. If your site or business are already influential enough, you could even simply let people apply to guest post.

Some sites like Forbes even make money off of letting guest posts on their site! How insane is that? You get more content and you get more revenue for it.

You’ll Be One of The Few Doing It

Only 6% of bloggers publish most of their content as guest posts. This means that there aren’t that many businesses taking advantage of the opportunities having a few guest posts on your blog bring. As any marketing expert will tell you, using a new technology will almost always give you an edge on your competitor, this is doubly true in this era of global blogging.

Being one of the few people taking advantage of guest posting, it’ll be much easier to rank higher on search engines, as well as make yourself an authority in your field and expand your influence and consumer base.

It’s Great For SEO

Search Engine Optimization, three words that have taken the marketing world by storm, these days, having a business without good SEO is nigh-impossible. This is because in this era of global communication, the most important thing about your business, apart from the quality of your product, is where you rank when your future customer goes on Google and searches for it.

Guest posts usually feature backlinks, which will lead back to your site, this in turn makes search engines think that your site has more quality than others, and so its ranking improves. In fact, a majority of marketers make improving SEO their first priority when it comes to inbound marketing. This means that when advertising your product, you should spare no expense on SEO content for your site.

You Make New Connections

You can get many excellent connections through guest posting, who knows, maybe that blogger that worked on the guest post will like your site so much, they’ll become an active writer on it. Maybe you’ll end up employing one of your guest posters full time. More important than this, sometimes it’ll let you make connections between businesses.

It is a common practice for businesses to guest post for one another, when you do this you’re creating a friendly relationship with another business. After this it’s much easier to establish cooperation, as well as to work together on other projects because after all, you’re familiarized with each other, as well as your content itself.

How Do I Get One?

Getting a guest post can be done in a variety of ways, however the two most common ones are approaching a single writer, this is usually not worth it unless it’s an extremely influential writer, or you approach a guest posting agency and let them handle it.

To get a guest post, you might want to approach individual writers, however this takes time and is often very expensive. Instead of this you could use a specialized website and order from them instead. These websites usually have their own quality writers, which will quickly flock to your guest post opportunity and provide you with excellent content in a flash.

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