Five Tactics to Increase ROI from Effective Google AdWords Management

A properly managed PPC campaign can drive qualified traffic to your website and increase conversions. Take a look at these Google AdWords management tactics that are designed to optimize campaigns and deliver profitable ROI.


Create the Best Ads

Best PPC Ads

Competent Google AdWords management professionals in the UK keep themselves up-to-date with the latest features such as expanded text ads that rolled out in 2016. With this new format, you have additional space that you can fill out with relevant content to help your ad stand out from competition. Ideally, you should fill out all information fields including final URL, Headline 1, Headline 2, Path 1, Path 2 and description to engage your audience and improve click through rates.


Adjust Bids for Geo-targeting and Devices


Adjusting bids for geo-targeting and devices are simple ways to save money and ensure your ads get seen by the most relevant audience. Even if your business is not dependent on customers’ physical location, you can use geo-targeting bid tools to optimize campaigns based on factors such as seasonality, weather and user needs. By optimizing campaigns for specific devices including tablets, mobiles and desktops, you can engage users using the right format and their preferred devices.

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Build Negative Keywords

Negative Keywords

To ensure your ad reaches the most qualified audience and wasting ad spend on irrelevant clicks, a PPC management agency often suggests building negative keyword lists. These are terms that are not a good fit for your business and by adding negative keywords at the campaign or ad group level, you can prevent your ad from showing for keyword searches that don’t match your business offerings. Building negative keyword lists can make your campaigns highly targeting and improve your quality score.


Use Relevant Ad Extensions

Ad Extensions

Every ad extension serves a different purpose –for example, a sink link extension provides an instant connection to a unique landing page, a callout extension helps spotlight unique offers such as free shipping and so on. A professional PPC management agency understands the importance of using every relevant ad extension to give an ad extra edge and improve user experience. Some of the most valuable ad extensions include site link extensions, callout extensions, structured snippets and review extensions.

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Optimize Landing Pages

Optimize Landing Pages

The ultimate aim of a PPC campaign is to increase sales and this is possible when people click on your ad and are directed to a landing page with compelling information and a strong call-to-action. To ensure consistency, a white label PPC management team makes sure landing page messaging aligns with ad copy messaging. Repeat whatever you say in your ad, use the same keywords and provide additional information that will entice users to convert. An optimized landing page can lead to improved conversion rates and lowered CPC rates.

PPC management is an ongoing process that requires frequent in-depth review of various KPIs to make adjustments and derive maximum gains. For expert assistance, consult a white label PPC management team!

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