Experience Ultimate Cloud Computing with PhoneGap


PhoneGap is an open source framework that enables to develop cross platform apps. This framework can function uniquely well on CSS3, Java Script as well as HTML5 and the best part is they can be integrated with other libraries to boost the app performance and capability.

The benefits of PhoneGap are below:

  • With PhoneGap applications can be formulated by developers in less time as compared to other open source networks. Also, it is easy to use and user friendly and helps develop one of the best apps that can run on several platforms.
  • Even the developers without any specific skills and knowledge for a particular type of app will be able to develop the app. It is the set of plugin s available that makes it easy to add several functionalities to the app.
  • With PhoneGap framework the retail business teams are nowadays able to develop their own ecommerce site apps for their consumers and vendor third party teams, to have a seamless business.

Quick facts on PhoneGap

  • It is a true fact that Apple iPods has Phone Gap deployed in it!
  • Also with the help of the PhoneGap network the HTML, CSS and Java script companies have been able to develop a highly cost saving mobile app in quite a short time, of about just a week!

How a mobile app can be for iOS, Android, or Windows can be built with PhoneGap

There are possibly 3 ways that shared by Phonegap mobile app development service provider in which a business can be developed via mobile apps with the help of PhoneGap:

  • Develop in native languages like Java, or C++, Swift, Objective-C – This approach comes with the best control hold by the developers over the app within a specific platform. Developing apps in a native language for each of them would require a specified developer expert in these native languages like – C++ developer for Windows Mobile apps, Java developer for Android apps and that of Swift developer for iOS. Again if the application being developed needs to be available at more than one platforms it needs to be written twice so the developers chosen for the activity must have the knowledge to code them.
  • Running an app in a web view or web browser – PhoneGap generally makes use of this approach. A mobile app using Phone Gap is actually a web browser! The developer using the coding languages of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript pens down the application, in a native web view for each of the platforms. It is the native features like a camera or GPS system that can be accessed with the help of PhoneGap. This approach is also known as a hybrid mobile app because it is easy and simpler as well as time saving. But note this may not come with the native language performance capabilities when developed in other languages.
  • Compile in to a Native Language – This approach enables to develop an application in Java Script with the use of the React Java Script network, like that of Facebook. Here the react native makes use of the native language components for building up the base which can be used to develop other apps of similar type.

Explore PhoneGap with its vast opportunities today to expand your business horizon!

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