AngularJS development: What Are Various Development Tools For Developers in 2022?

In this digital age, having a website for the business has become very important. A website helps to improve the visibility and reach of the business and thus increase the sales of the business as well. The web apps do the same work for you. There may be many frameworks available to develop web apps but Angular stands apart from others. So, you can also hire AngularJS development services to develop web apps using AngularJS.

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework that helps in building and testing the application easier by providing a framework for model-view-controller (MVC). It is maintained by Google and a community of professionals.  

AngularJS allows you to use HTML as a template language and extends HTML’s capabilities by adding built-in components and properties. It also makes it easier to create customized characteristics using basic JavaScript.

AngularJS is also the preferred framework of the developers. There are many reasons why the developer community loves AngularJS but one of the main reasons is the tools and plugins of the framework that makes the development of the apps easy for the developers. 

In this post, we will talk about various development tools for developers in 2022. 

Major development tools for developers in 2022

1. Djangular

AngularJS development tools might help you save a lot of time and work while creating content. If we talk about Djangular, then Djangular combines Angular with Django, allowing you to simply create content for your scheme according to your needs.

As a result, you won’t have to learn Django separately for each assignment. You may also create several namespaces and maintain a consistent content organization across all of your applications.

2. Protractor

Protractor is a popular AngularJS development tool. It is an open-source framework based on Node.JS The tool is used to create apps with ease. It is full of automation and makes the implementation of stages automatic. 

3. Mocha.JS

Mocha.JS is a testing framework. The tool is famous for its flexibility. There are many features included in this tool that makes the work of developers easy. It can operate on Node.js and in the browser, and it allows for asynchronous testing, as well as mapping and broadcasting. 

You also have the option to set up Mocha as per your requirements. You can also produce custom cases with the help of this tool. 

4. AngularFire

AngularFire is a popular backend development tool for creating applications. When you use AngularFire, you will have the advantage of AngularJS development IDE while coding. If we talk about other benefits then, it has a comprehensive API, three-way data binding, and quick development features that make Angular app development easier.

5. Sublime text

Sublime text is one of the most loved text code editors amongst the developers. There are many reasons behind this but the major reason is the ease of coding with the testing facility. Apart from ease of coding and testing, the tool also offers a dedicated programming interface for Python. 

When developers work with the Sublime text tool, the developers can edit 2 locations in a single file side-by-side. Also, the developers get to use a split-screen facility and this results in an increase in the developing speed. 

When it comes to editing source code, then also this tool can be useful. Thus, this can be the best tool for the developers.

6. Web Storm

Web Storm is a smart IDE that helps developers to use various languages like HTML, and CSS for coding. Aside from that, they may use this AngularJS application using new technology. They can do client-side and server-side programming using Node.js, for example. 

Web Storm offers a variety of features like intelligent IDE, easy debugging, and many more. These features enhance the productivity of the developers. And, this will also improve the app development process and app as well. 

7. Jasmine

Jasmine is an open-source tool that suits best for JavaScript. It is one of the greatest behavior-driven AngularJS tools for developers who want to test their code. It promotes a development framework that includes an interactive manner that is independent of any browser, DOM, or JavaScript framework. 

When Jasmine is used for testing web development projects, it automatically monitors and recognizes the JavaScript classes and frameworks. It is a very trusted tool and is used by many big brands. 

8. Karma

Karma is a preferred choice of developers when it comes to tools for development. The tool allows developers their apps in the real ecosystem, which means the developers can directly test the apps in the browser, and all other devices. 

Do note that, Karma can be used only when you access the programs listed in the configuration file. Furthermore, even when running tests on the application, these programs are linked to the dynamic program to make use of and requests. Let’s take a look at some of Karma’s key features as an AngularJS development tool.


In conclusion, we would say that AngularJS is a very popular framework. It is also the preferred choice of the developers, and one of the major reasons behind it is the development tools of AngularJS. We have mentioned some of the best development tools that could be extremely helpful for developers in 2022. 

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