Android vs. iOS: Platform to choose first for your Mobile App Development

In a perfect world, mobile applications ought to be produced for both the major application stages, iOS and Android. Be that as it may, there is frequently banter around which stage is ideal to expand on first.

With iOS and Android owning 97 percent of the worldwide mobile piece of the overall industry, the perfect way to deal with mobile application development is to construct and dispatch for the two stages. Anyway, that is not constantly conceivable – requirements like time, spending plan, and assets can keep you from producing for both OSs on the double. 

Rather, you might need to consider propelling on one stage first and after that present a second stage sometime in the future. Every stage has particular preferences, so it’s critical to do what’s necessary research to comprehend which OS appropriately lines up with accomplishing your item objectives. For instance, Android gadgets have the best worldwide piece of the overall industry. Be that as it may, Apple overwhelms the App Store for client spending.  However, it’s quicker, simpler, and less expensive to produce for iOS — a few assessments put development time at 30–40% longer for Android.

So which application stage do you create on first? To shed some light on the iOS versus Android banter, here are a few upsides and downsides of every stage.


The prime factor that represents the moment of truth the arrangement for an application is unquestionably the audience and users. Their statistical areas, age, training, and income assume a basic job while choosing to pick the correct stage.

Immediately, the distinctions in the client’s iOS and Android draw in are recognizable. To pick your optimal OS, you have to characterize what ultimate objective your application means to accomplish and which group of spectators is critical to your plan of action.  

Android has the best worldwide piece of the overall industry sitting at around 66% and gets more application downloads than iOS. While Android may round up more downloads, iOS clients will in general show higher commitment rates and spend more on applications and in-application buys.

Winner- Android

Budget and Development Cost

The expense of mobile application development comes down to the extension and unpredictability of the venture; the bigger and increasingly complex a task is, the more it will cost. There is nothing intrinsic to either iOS or Android development that makes one more costly than the other.

So, on the off chance that you are intending to cover an enormous number of gadgets and OS adaptations, applications will require additional time and assets, and in this way cause greater expenses.

Winner- Android


From an income point of view, iOS applications get more cash-flow. Although Apple has fewer clients and produces less application downloads, the App Store acquires substantially more income. Toward the end of 2018, Apple’s App Store created about 88% more income than the Google Play Store.

Winner- iOS

Project Timeline

How rapidly would you like to get your application to showcase? Your course of events can have a gigantic influence in figuring out what stage is ideal to produce for first.

Producing for Android, for the most part, takes additional time because of longer discharge cycles and gadget discontinuity. Developing an application that is perfect with numerous Android gadgets by and large takes additional time: there are a great many Android gadgets that have an assortment of screen sizes and OS adaptations running.

Even though Apple possesses all the equipment and programming, and there are far fewer iOS gadgets than Android gadgets. While working for iOS can at times be speedier, it can likewise take more time for the App Store to endorse your item with the severe guidelines and quality desires set up.

Winner- iOS

App Approval & Release

Apple has set up tight measures for enabling applications to make it to the Apple App Store; the confirmation procedure could take around 3 a month. This is quite a while when contrasted with the Google Play Store’s time taken for check process which could be around 2–3 days.

It ought to be noted however that the time taken for applications to make it to the Apple App Store has decreased as of late.

With regard to the approval procedure and timing, Apple regularly takes 2-3 weeks for your iOS application’s endorsement. This can get postponed significantly further if your iOS application is dismissed on quality grounds.  Android, be that as it may, has less exacting endorsement rules and just takes 2-3 days for android mobile application approval.

Winner- android

Final words

Picking which one to go for first relies upon a ton of if’s and but’s. There are incalculable changes and blends of the above variables at play while choosing one working framework. One needs to thoroughly consider different perspectives before finishing one. The rules above will help you a lot and make you one stride nearer to the accomplishment of your business objectives.

Regardless of whether it’s iOS development or Android development that you at long last settle on, picking the professional mobile application developers, who have the correct blend of understanding and learning, will adjust your vision to your business objectives.

Nikunj Shingala is a Co-founder of Webs Optimization Software Solution Company, a leading Web & Mobile Application Development Company specialized in Hybrid, Native, iOS and Android App Development.