7 Ways Auto Repair Businesses Can Utilize Tech More Effectively

If you’re the owner or manager of an auto repair business, you’ve probably already brought more than one technological advance into your shop. It makes sense to keep yourself updated with technological trends changing the auto repair industry. Here are seven key trends and developments to consider as you take your business into the future.

1. Plug Into Electric Vehicles

If you can’t already repair electric vehicles, this could be the time to do so. According to LinkedIn, a garage that can handle e-vehicles will need a set-up of EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) and a separate charging station for those vehicles. Garage temperatures must be regulated in the areas where those vehicles are repaired. LinkedIn also shares that any repair staff who works on electric vehicles must be adequately trained on such specific vehicles.

2. Be Prepared to Troubleshoot Computer Problems

Some of today’s popular vehicles have reported issues with their dashboard computers, so you might want to prepare to fix them. One popular off-road truck, the 2023 Ford Raptor, has seen some owners report computer glitches. According to Ford, buying a 2023 Raptor will begin at approximately $76,800. With this much already invested, you can be sure clients who bring these trucks to you will expect you to be familiar with their computer requirements.

3. Learn Why Telematics Really Matter

Today’s vehicles will include features that make telematics an essential part of your staff’s wheelhouse. If you’re unfamiliar with that term, according to Verizon, it is the merger of telecommunications with informatics, currently popular in commercial fleet vehicles. These systems will give home offices of fleet vehicles up-to-date information on maintenance requirements, vehicle usage, and preventive repair. By allowing some of your staff to learn about these systems, you’ll be prepared to serve the fleets that use them.

4. Change Your Approach to Motorcycle Repair

According to SteetRider, motorcycles have been on the road since the 19th century. If your repair shop services motorcycles, you must bring your repair methods into the 21st century. Today’s motorcycle repairs or upgrades may centre around safety features, such as anti-lock brakes or customizable cruise control. Consider letting customers who bring in motorcycles know about safety advancements they can add to their rides with your assistance!

5. Ensure Success With Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a vehicle’s version of a “smart system.” Using the same type of sensors as a smart home, their components can be utilized by corresponding smart hubs at repair shops that have installed them. This system enables these vehicles to receive proactive repairs, which are prompted by data detected during a routine oil change. This type of service goes beyond preparation to prevention.

6. Roll Into New Tech for Tires

According to Carsurance, 54% of breakdowns found on today’s roadsides occur due to problems with tires. Today’s tires are now being designed similarly to the rest of modern vehicle systems. The same types of sensors that help repair shops detect the need for oil changes can notify drivers of safety issues with tires or help repair shops identify yet-undetected issues with tires at shop visits for other repairs.

7. Color Your Repair Shop Green

So many industries today are going green, and the auto repair industry is no exception. According to Shop Manager Mag, one example might be installing an acrylic floor in your shop. Acrylic floors have an advantage over concrete so that spills wouldn’t leach into the floor. A light gray acrylic will allow a lower light to reflect from the floor, utilizing less energy and resources.

The advances in technology thus far have brought remarkable new features to the motor industry. The future seems as limitless as the human imagination. As a repair provider, you can be part of that future. Keep your eyes open, and be ready for anything!

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