7 Tools to Make You the MacGyver of Content Marketing

MacGyver TV show stemming out from the 1990s featured Richard Dean Anderson with his astounding mullet. MacGyver was a secret agent who made use of a feathered hair power to fight evil forces. Content marketing professionals are considered the MacGyver in the area of marketing. There may not be the hairdo to work out the magic but content marketers are used to making miracles with the use of a makeshift toolkit. To produce the magic in content marketing world comparable to MacGyver power of the feathered hair, here are 7 tools that you can apply in your content development process:

  1. Buzzsumo

The best inspiration for content development is seeing posts performing well. The Buzzsumo tool is therefore helpful in making this happen. All you need is to type in a title and you will get a list of the most-shared content of all time in that area. You will know the posts that have been shared widely in the past one week, month, 6 months or in the last one year. Most importantly, you will get to know the posts that are almost hitting big. This tool’s functionality can be available for free and on paid subscriptions.

  1. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg tool offers a heat map, scroll maps, the confetti report and overlay maps to its users. This information provides useful insight into how content is performing. The heat map report shows the real clicks of visitors to your site and lets you realize the manner in which they are engaging with it. Scroll maps, on the other hand, provide you with information about the time visitors spend when viewing certain parts of your pages. This helps you in making necessary adjustments to encourage more traffic and readership.

  1. Content Discovery

This is yet another great tool for helping you manage your content in ways that are profitable. It is built solely in Google sheets with the use of XML commands, JSON scripts as well as unicorn blood to pick information from many sources. To use it, type a title in it and the sheets will populate with articles that are trending from around the web. You can search deeper and customize it for your own good. Ideally, it helps you take note of what is important while developing content that will boost your business endeavours.

  1. Writemypaper123

As you focus on other important things to you, a writing service could be all you need to help you develop great content. There are professionals who have mastered the art of writing winning content and would be best if you use such services to get what you need to advance your agenda. Experts from Writemypaper123.com have all the information and help you need to excel in your content writing. They have the skills and experience to make your work easier as you concentrate on other important things.

  1. Buffer

If you are a busy business owner, you don’t have to give up on your content marketing. You can still manage your social media accounts and keep updates on with fresh posts. Buffer helps by automating the process. It manages several LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts; help you set up an updating schedule; manage updates with ease and use it with different browsers to leverage its various apps, extensions and extras.

  1. CoSchedule

Content management on your website involves continuous editing to keep it as fresh as possible. This is what CoSchedule does – it keeps your content consistent and engaging to help in fortifying your online presence and most importantly, grow your readership. It lays out each of your schedule posts easily giving you an opportunity of seeing them in one place. There is a drag-and-drop element that has flawless integration with WordPress, providing an easy scheduling of posts on social media and even rescheduling old posts.

  1. MailChimp

MailChimp is very useful for email marketing that has a vital role in the overall content marketing approach for a business. This tool automates emails and sends them to various audiences. With it, you can create a newsletter or leverage on various elegant templates. You can also segment to target different audiences based on your preferences, past sales and behaviour in general. It is a great way of keeping your readership engaged and following what you are offering to them. Every time your newsletter is updated, there is an RSS to email option that will send it out.



If you want to succeed in your content marketing efforts, here are 7 great tools to use. They will help you work effectively as you commit yourself to other important aspects of your business. Make use of them today.

Beverly Lerch is a young freelance writer and a great expert in education, self-improvement and motivation. She also works as a tutor. She has many various interests and cannot imagine her life without sport.