7 Star Logos That Proudly Boast Excellent Use Of Symbols

Companies nowadays can adopt any measure to grab the attention of the consumers and to increase their profitability and sales. As a result, they have started focusing to create newer, more memorable and fascinating logos. No company can spend a large amount of time to convince potential customers that their products are great.

A logo, on the other hand, can very easily grab the attention of the viewers and can easily communicate the core values of the company in a unique way. Nowadays, consumers are judging businesses on the basis of their appearance more than concerning what they actually do.

According to the Logo design company in Bangalore, all size of businesses must spend more time and resources creating original and creative ideas. Major businesses will spend a large amount of money on Logo designer to get the logo of their own choice. The symbol logo of your company should be an impressive visual representation of what your company is into. However, consumers should know and get a sense of what you are trying to communicate. The symbol should be able to attract consumers and bring the brand properly into the eyes of your customer.

The main characteristic of symbolic logos is that they do not require anything in writing to communicate a brand message to the consumers. The symbol itself is more than enough to convey the message about what your company deals with.

Choosing the right symbol for the Logo

1)Choose the Symbols that are precise and interesting

Any business surely has a story of its own that should be kept in front of the consumers. But the question arises that can companies tell this story with the help of the symbol of their logo? If so, then keep in mind that not all symbols are going to convey your story. You have to do a lot of research about symbols that are having conventional value. And choose the one which can properly represent the story of your business. Go for a symbol that not only stands out but speaks to the consumers precisely.

2) Choosing the right perspective is important

A care to take when utilizing symbol for logo designs about their points of view. They have various points of view. A logo for various customers may have diverse implications. Your business may have customers from all over the world; therefore, your logo symbol should imply one common meaning for everyone.

3) Prevent using multiple symbols

Companies should avoid using multiple symbols in their logo design. Many symbols in a single logo can be confusing for the target audience. These kinds of the logo may also convey conflicting ideas as well.

7 Star Logos showing the excellent use of symbols


The Target logo was created in the year 1902. Target Corporation is one of the world’s largest discount retailers. The company logo design has the symbol of bulls-eye.  The symbol used clearly means right on the path, precise and glory.

2) Nike

Nike is amongst the top most popular sportswear brands. In order to encourage a culture of innovation, the company uses a swoosh symbol as its logo. This swoosh symbol precisely explains the company’s vision and motive to make every athlete feel motivated and inspired.

3) McDonald’s

McDonald’s Corporation, the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants, has around 33,000 outlets and caters to around 70 million customers on a daily basis. The golden arches in the logo of McDonald’s symbolically give a welcoming path to the customer’s good luck. While creating a symbol based logo, companies should also make sure that the symbol they are going to use has the right colors as well. Like in the case of McDonalds’s symbol yellow color clearly defines happiness, positivity, and optimism

4) Apollo

Apollo is among the largest manufacturer of rubber tires across the world. The company exports its products to more than 100 countries on different continents including Asia, Europe, and Africa. To emanate their world class service in the field of transportation, their logo has the symbol of four wheels.

5) Windows

Everyone easily recognizes the Microsoft Windows logo as their logo truly reminds of their business nature. The symbol used in the Windows logo is that of a window, which is for transparency, openness, and connectivity. The star logo is in the shape of a flag which is a symbol of glory, beacon, happiness, and loyalty.

6) Batman

Batman is the fictional superhero character which is mostly everyone’s favorite. That is the reason why the logo has the bats features. This logo symbol features suspense, dark night, sensory and darkness, and portrays the superhero.

7) E TV

This is another great symbol based logo design. Everything Entertainment Company gives you everything related to entertainment shows, news, music, sports etc. The logo uses an exclamation mark as a symbol of excitement, suspense, and astonishment.

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