7 Essential Advantages of Innovation Management Software

Innovation is vital for a business to grow and succeed in highly competitive markets. In companies, innovation entails improving various business functions. The improvements help boost revenues.

Business innovation can entail streamlining processes such as:

  • Manufacturing process
  • Logistics
  • Service provision in various departments

However, managing innovation in a business can be a difficult task, even with a good business innovation strategy

Innovation management software helps businesses streamline innovation. When integrated well, it also helps boost the existing innovation strategy in use. Many businesses have gained a competitive advantage over competitors by adopting business innovation tools. 

Business innovation systems are often hosted locally on the business’s systems. However, businesses can also opt to go for cloud-based innovation management systems. The cloud-based systems have fewer expenses in terms of maintenance and hosting.

As a business owner, knowledge on the advantages of using innovation management software is vital. The knowledge helps when making the final decision to buy innovation management software.

In this article, some of the essential advantages of innovation management software are brought to light.

1. Organizational Innovation Culture

Having a stern and structured administration in a business has several advantages. However, one of its cons is its innovation limitations. Employees who have lower ranks are often intimidated, thus lacking the courage to approach senior management to pitch an innovative idea.

The implementation of an innovation platform significantly helps with this issue. With innovation management software, every employee can contribute or give innovative ideas. They can give these ideas without approaching senior management directly.

There are more advanced innovation management tools that use machine learning. Machine learning is used to analyze innovation ideas. The systems evaluate the innovations and assess the impacts that they will have on the business. 

The organization’s innovation culture is improved by making it easier for employees to submit their ideas to the company. 

2. Increased Transparency in Business Innovation

In most companies, employees have to write down innovative ideas and drop them in the suggestion box. This method of innovation management often leaves employees feeling unappreciated. Employees feel unappreciated when they do not get feedback from senior management.

With an idea management system, employees have a structured way of giving innovative ideas. The systems also allow employees to follow up on their ideas and get any necessary feedback.

Idea management systems also allow other employees to give their insights on suggested ideas. Such platforms of easier communication that accept employee feedback increase innovation transparency. 

An additional advantage of increased transparency is the detection of potential issues. By allowing employees to analyze the ideas, they can note any issues that might arise from the idea. In most situations, the detection of issues before idea implementation helps businesses save money. The businesses save money by mitigating potential losses.

3. Global Innovation Opportunities

Manual idea submission limits employees who cannot access the suggestion boxes. Many businesses have outsourced talents globally. Innovation management systems give remote employees the chance to submit their ideas. 

With an innovation management system, employees can submit their ideas and follow up on them without traveling to the offices. Employees on leave can also submit their innovative ideas without accessing the physical offices. 

Innovation management systems in business remove two limitations of manual innovation management: time and location limitations.

4. Customer Involvement in Business Innovation

A recent study report stated that 77% of clients view a business more favorably if they accept and work on customer feedback. This report highlights the importance of including clients in the business processes.

Manual methods of idea management in businesses do not offer customers the chance to contribute to a company’s innovation. Improving the business process by listening to customer feedback can help a business succeed. 

With an innovation management system, a business can allow clients to access the system and give their ideas. Client feedback and ideas will guide the business in improving customer satisfaction rates. Improved customer satisfaction will increase the client’s loyalty to the brand. It will also provide organic marketing through client referrals. 

Plus, a back-and-forth of ideas is definitely better and cheaper than repeating projects from scratch because of unseen troubles from the get-go. 

5. Competitive Advantage

Many businesses and companies have already adopted innovation management systems. If your business has not yet adopted the systems, you are at a disadvantage. Companies have also adopted modern technologies such as artificial intelligence and process automations. In most businesses, the adoption of these technologies came from employee or client ideas.

If your business is left behind in adopting these technologies, it will most likely fail. The failure will be attributed to a lack of facilities to keep up with the competition. 

As discussed, implementing an idea management system will improve innovation culture. This implementation will grant employees a chance to give their input on technologies. The suggested technologies will improve various aspects of the business’ functions. 

6. Accelerated Innovation

All the discussed advantages of implementation management software help achieve one main goal. By getting all employees to contribute to a business’ innovation and granting other employees the chance to give insights on ideas, the innovation process is accelerated.

Accelerated innovation offers a substantial competitive advantage over competitors in your market. 

7. New Market Insights

In most businesses, innovation often refers to internal business processes, products, or services. However, with innovation management software, employees can give ideas on new markets to venture into.

As a business owner, ideas of new markets to venture into should be highly regarded due to the potential revenue increase. Employees can also give ideas for new business models to improve efficiency in the new or existing markets. With this, innovation management systems are a vital tool for business expansion into new markets.


Innovation management software is a vital business asset. The software will help you stay ahead and improve customer satisfaction. When purchasing an innovation management software, ensure that it offers all the necessary functions that you require for your business.

It is also important to check the target business of the software. Some innovation management systems are developed for some specific industries. For better results, you can opt to look for a system developed for your specific industry. 

Dan has hands-on experience in digital marketing since 2007. He has been building teams and coaching others to foster innovation and solve real-time problems. Dan also enjoys photography and traveling.