7 Most common problems App Developers faces during Mobile App Development

App developers often face hurdles during their initial development stage. However, it is critical to focus on “What one should not do” than “What one should do” to achieve results without major problems. Mobile app development companies in India are facing the challenges according to the scenario and the targeted audiences. Therefore, it will be difficult to point out the exact problems that one might face during the app development stage.

The following post will provide information on the seven most common problems that app development companies in India face during mobile application development.

Creating apps that receive recognition

Due to the immense competition in the mobile app market, it has become necessary to receive recognition. To do so, utilize the available tools that help you in including graphics, plan for a simple layout, and the addition of practical features. You can collect feedback from customers from successful applications that belong to your niche. It will help you plan for the things that the clients do not want to be present in the application.

mobile app development cost

Getting the fund for development

As you have an idea for the development of the app, it is time for finding investment. Depending on the notion and the targeted audience, the cost of the development can range anywhere between $5,000 and $150,000. A better way is by beginning from home. Seek the help of your parents, friends, and the local community. You can also approach a bank and see if you can apply for a loan. If all these factors still make it impossible, then it is time to look for investors who show interest in investing in app development services. Crowdfunding is also another platform, but your idea should be extraordinary to receive the funding.

Managing Screen Real Estate

Screen real estate is a big task for application developers. With different devices possessing various dimensions of the screen with different pixels and clarity, designing the app for a single platform is not a solution. The challenge here is to construct the application such that it supports all the platforms and runs across diverse devices manufactured by different companies. Apart from the instrument, you will also have to concentrate on the operating system. Build the application for Android, Windows, and iOS. All the three have different user interface and patterns. Therefore, you will have to prepare yourself to fight against bugs from time to time and update versions to offer a soothing experience.

Developing an interactive application

Another crucial factor is the interaction that the customer makes with the application. With a host of sensors embedded into smartphones, develop an application that is capable of utilizing all the sensors! As the process of creating interactions is difficult, it is better to plan, preferably during the design phase. Aiming for comprehensive design is important. Do not restrict the development to the use of gestures and swiping. Allow click options, the appearance of keyboard wherever necessary, and use of physical keys available on a device. New interactions such as shaking and flipping will be of immense help too!

Simple and Clear

The application that you develop should not make the customer think a lot about it during the change. It is another critical challenge during the development stage. Although, as a developer, you may understand everything, it does not mean that the user will know the same too! Therefore, you will have to build the application in such a way that it has guidelines and help directory, which assists the user whenever required. Using thumbnails is a better way to display information related to a particular category in a compact way. Nonetheless, you will have to correlate all these factors with the operating system. Use the user interface guidelines provided by the OS developer such as iOS, Windows, and Android to offer a simple yet clean application.

mobile app performance

Performance and battery consumption

Apart from the interaction and design of the application, additional challenge that app developers face is the performance. The performance should be in such a way that it will not consume the battery life at a faster rate. Therefore, it is vital for app development companies in India to concentrate on how the application will perform at the highest rate without consuming much of the battery life. Any new application will perform well on the new devices. However, many people are still using old phones, which may not withstand the high performance or the graphics that you put into the application. Therefore, the best way to make up for the situation is bringing in the development team as part of the prototyping phase. Setting up a Beta version of the application will also be helpful for the developer to test the app on different devices, gather feedback, and check for performance output. It will help in tuning the application for its final version.

Mobile Content Management

Content within an application has become crucial and the need of the hour. It includes images, videos, and animations, which change from time to time. Regardless of the performance tuning, an application experiences a bad reputation when it is unable to meet the minimum criteria. With the app possessing feature-rich content, it consumes a lot of bandwidth, and additionally, Play Store from Google requires the app developers to bundle everything into a single expansion file. It means that each time you wish to update the application; you will have to release a new version. A better way is to use content management system aimed at mobile app developers.

Even top app development companies in India face hurdles during their development phase. The crucial factor is that they do not give up easily. With the assistance of the factors mentioned above, an app developer will be in a position to build an application that meets the requirement of the customer and runs smoothly on any device regardless of the operating system. The challenges may change over a period, but as you understood how to handle situations, it becomes easy for you to take the next step.

James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IOT technology. He is a marketing advisor - currently associated with Cumulations Technologies, a Mobile App Development Company in India