5 Proven Tips to Clear AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam

AWS is the world’s most advanced and widely accepted cloud platform, which is used by millions of customers to cut costs, improve adaptability, and enhance efficiency.

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner credential validates your knowledge of AWS and cloud computing. This qualification aids firms in finding and developing cloud implementation professionals. Employers find competent candidates to drive AWS cloud initiatives, and learners gain confidence and credibility by showing their cloud expertise with such a valuable certificate. 

Professionals who can assist organisations in using the cloud to transform their businesses are in high demand. AWS Certification and Training can assist you in honing your talents so that you can land the job of your dreams.

Tips and Tricks to Clear AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Exam

1. Get Used with the AWS Platform

There are many ways to learn AWS, but I think the best way is by using it. The more you use AWS on a daily basis, the more at ease and confident you’ll grow with the tools, their peculiarities, and how they all function together. Anyone with a core understanding and knowledge of the AWS platform is eligible to try their hands on the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner test. 

At least 6 months of AWS Cloud experience is required and a fundamental grasp of IT services and how to use them on the Amazon Web Services Cloud platform. It’s also necessary to understand AWS’ major services and use cases and how they might affect your company.

2. Take AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

Take the Amazon Web Services Cloud Essentials course, designed for anyone who wants to learn more about the Amazon Web Services Cloud in general. You’ll learn about AWS Cloud concepts that help you in laying a perfect foundation for the Cloud Practitioner exam. 

It covers the most essential concepts for which the duration is only 6 hours. This course is an excellent approach to enhancing your Cloud expertise, whether you are just getting started, building on existing IT abilities, or expanding your Cloud knowledge.

3. Try AWS Technical Essentials and Business Essentials

Try your hands on AWS Technical Essentials and Business Essentials to lay a strong foundation if you are seriously thinking about building your career in AWS. The AWS Technical Essentials course provides an overview of Amazon Web Services’ services, products, and standard solutions. It increases your productivity in researching AWS services, allowing you to resolve IT issues more quickly. It allows you to learn new skills and apply them to your business. 

On the other hand, AWS Business Essentials teaches you about the financial benefits of cloud computing and how a cloud strategy may help you meet your business goals. This course also covers security and compliance issues, as well as the AWS cloud computing technique.

4. Go Through AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide

Go through the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam Guide thoroughly. It will give you a comprehensive overview of the exam and a clear picture of the exam format, the number of questions, the expected percentage, and the allotted time. 

The AWS CCP guide also provides an overview of all exam topics as well as the weightings allocated to different modules.

The exam guide also discusses some essential tips on how to prepare for the exam.

5. Plan, Schedule, and Prepare for the Exam

Give yourself 2-3 months of preparation time before taking the test – The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Exam is designed as an initial certification level test; however, many people have not been exposed to cloud computing concepts and don’t fully understand how AWS works. Some people may require more time to prepare for the exam than others.

Plan ahead so that when studying becomes difficult or stressful due to external factors such as work responsibilities or family commitments/responsibilities, study breaks are easily incorporated into your routine.

Read all the documentation AWS provides for the exam, make notes, and make sure that you join a genuine online certification preparation platform to polish your knowledge and make yourself fully confident to attempt the AWS CCP exam. 

To Sum Up

The CCP certification is comparatively easier to pass if you invest focused time and attention into its preparation. You’ll get a great learning experience by taking the coursework, and you’ll earn a nice certificate on your resume that shows your employer or clients that you are knowledgeable enough about cloud computing technologies.

Additionally, make sure that everyone knows that this is an investment in your career and not just a quick side project. You should be willing to put in the necessary time now so that one day when someone asks, “How did you pass AWS CCP?” all of these people can say: “He put in his hours.”

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