What Are the Different Ways to Save Money with Google Ads?

There are several ways to target profitable customers without spending too much on ads. Here are a few pointers on how you can save money on Google Ads:

  • Spend only on the right users
  • Stand out from competitors 
  • Improve your landing pages

These are the key Google ads tips to follow, however, there are many other tactics that can be used to ensure cost-efficient ad management. Let’s look at some of the other ways to save money with Google ads.

The Objective of a Campaign

Advertisers have different objectives to run Google Ads.  Although, whatever objective you have the main purpose is to generate the return on ad spend. ROAS can be generated through various ways such as an e-commerce store on the website, converted leads, phone calls, YouTube videos etc.

What Should Be Your Ad Spend?

Initially, when you start the first time it is advisable to keep your budget low. In the first month, you should keep a small daily budget for instance $5 to $20, depending on the keyword competition in your business. By doing so you will get an idea about optimizing the Ads.

How You Can Benefit by Spending Only on The Right Users?

  1. Use Location Targeting

When you set up a new campaign in Google Ads, location targeting usually defaults to the country that you are in. Occasionally, it may default to “all locations,” which means everywhere in the world. Through Google Ads management options for location, targeting can be customised to include those most viable locations for you and exclude those that will not be profitable. It doesn’t make sense to advertise to people who you cannot reach or who may not bring in sufficient profit. You can also make sure that the advanced targeting settings are selected to only “those in my area” rather than “interested in my area”.

  1. Bid On Higher Intent Keywords

When people log into a new account, they may not see the results they want if the keywords used are too broad. To address this issue, ensure that you advertise for a specific product or service so that customers can find exactly what they are looking for. If you have a modest budget and want to save money on Google Ads, focus only on the items that you actually sell. Avoid higher volume keywords that can hike up your expenditure and lead to unwanted traffic. 

  1. Use Only Phrase and Exact Match Keywords

It is better to focus on phrase and exact match keywords for your campaigns. Although the broad match keyword is said to be more effective; higher quality, better-matched queries will come from using more limited match types. This will help you limit the lower-quality searches by users that are not in your target group.

The Best Way to Stand Out from Your Competitors

One way to ensure that your website is easily visible to users in the search engine search results is to use an image extension. One of many Google Ads tips is to try and use every tool of ad extensions that you are eligible for. Here are some of the ad extensions that you can use:

  • Sitelink 
  • Callout 
  • Structured snippet 
  • Image extensions
  • Call
  • Lead form 
  • Location 
  • Affiliate 
  • Price 
  • App 
  • Promotion 

Use Auction Insights for Your Messaging

At times, a search result may not be able to yield ads with a lot of extensions. In this situation, you can use Google ad copy and messaging to help you stand out from the competition. After you identify your competition and when you already have a campaign running, you can use the Auction Insights report to identify other companies that are showing up against your ads. When you choose the Auction Insights extension you will see a report that lists the companies that are showing up next to your ads along with other statistics to help you understand how you measure up against their audience coverage. 

Ensure You Have Quality Landing Pages

After you have spent time and hard-earned money using Google ads management to develop an effective ads campaign, stop and take a good look at your landing pages. Are they able to draw enough traffic to increase your conversion rate? If you feel there is room for improvement, then work on presenting high quality landing pages which will also increase your Quality Scores and this means lower cost per click. Here are some specific aspects to keep in mind if you want a high conversion rate with your landing page:

  • Have a clear plan of action that can be tracked through conversion tracking. 
  • Ensure the content on the page places your product or service in a good light and is enough to convince a user to follow up with you. 
  • Another aspect is to make sure the page loads quickly on a desktop or a mobile device. You can check how to improve page speed by running your landing page through the Google Page Speed Insights tool.

An Overview of Google Ads Tips and Strategies on How to Save Money on Advertising

Google Ads offers advertisers a way to yield a high ROI even with a low budget, making it one of the best digital advertising platforms to use. If you know how to use it efficiently, then you can enjoy the benefits that come along with it. The following strategies can help you save money and get the most out of your budget:

  1. Be specific about your location targeting 
  2. Target high intent keywords 
  3. Use phrase and exact match keywords 
  4. Use all the Ad extensions possible
  5. Make use of Auction insights and messaging to stay ahead of the competition.
  6. Make the most of your landing pages 

If you’re looking to save money on Google Ads, get in touch with experienced professionals who can help finetune your campaign. They will help customize your campaign according to your business objectives, taking into consideration your target audience and their preferences. Further, they can even help keep track of your competitors. Many experts recommend using Google pay per click ads to make sure that your target audience sees your advertisements first, and not your competitors’ advertisements. A Google Ads service provider will also combine keywords that are most relevant with the search so that the most eligible group of your target audience sees your ads. This can help improve conversion rates by almost 50%. Professional campaign services are also able to make good use of the Google Ads system to test the performance of keywords and to identify the best keywords and use them in your Google PPC campaign. 

With the time the competition in Google Ads is increasing, to stay ahead in the competition is to proactively monitor of campaigns. Timely auditing and optimizing the Ads will result in a successful conversion.

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Ethan Gibson is a PAID marketing specialist. A certified Google Ads and Programmatic expert. Visit ppc-outsourcing.ca for more info.